Signing day eve notes, thoughts

We are just hours away from national signing day.

It’s been pretty eventful here at the end with Jermaine Antoine backing out of his commitment to UNT to sign with TCU and Kahlee Woods picking Texas Tech late. The departure of assistant coach Justin Gaines was also a stunner considering his name was one I heard from a batch of recruits UNT was involved with or signed in the past and players UNT was in on this year.

UNT was supposed to sign a class of about 20 and I have talked to around that number of recruits who say they are signing with UNT tomorrow.

There are always a few loose ends at this time in the process.

I tried to tie a few of them up.

I talked with Sydrick Moore’s high school coach. It sounds like he will end up at UNT one way or another. He is sitting on a gray shirt offer and is waiting to see if UNT will have a spot for him in its 2013 class. I checked in late this afternoon and Moore was still waiting on word from UNT’s coaches.

I also put in a call to Omar Tebo, another defensive tackle prospect. Tebo never got back to me. That might not mean anything, but usually when a guy is going to commit to a school, he will call back when someone calls to ask about it.

My gut feeling is that there will be a small surprise when signing day is said and done. There will be a prospect — not a highly regarded one, but someone who is not on the commits list now — who pops up by the end of the day. Could be Moore or someone else.

I will post my thoughts on the class as a whole once signing day is over, but I do want to plug my story in tomorrow’s paper. I look at UNT’s class and where a large number of them are coming from in terms of their history.

And in a side note, former UNT defensive tackle Terrell Brooks is signing with Baylor tomorrow. He left UNT under really odd circumstances after playing in one game, played at Navarro JC and developed into one of the top JUCO defensive tackles in the country.

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