UNT-FAU running blog

Final — UNT rolls in overtime for a 66-57 win. I will be back later.

1:12 — UNT just put this one away with two MItchell free throws. UNT is up 62-57.

2:00 — Roger Franklin just hit a desperation 3 at the end of the shot clock to put UNT up 60-57 in overtime. Franklin isn’t a bad shooter. He just isn’t the guy one would expect to be taking a 3 in that spot.

End of regulation — P.J. Hardwick missed a runner at the buzzer. We are headed to overtime. This is the third straight time UNT and FAU have gone to overtime. UNT won in OT earlier this year. FAU has two players with four fouls.

56.0 — Greg Gantt just hit a jumper in the lane off a curl to give FAU a 57-55 lead. UNT took a timeout. Alzee Williams and Jordan Williams have missed going to the basket on UNT’s last two possessions.

2:43 — FAU turned it over out of the timeout when Greg Gantt let a tough pass slip through his hands and out of bounds. I imagine UNT will go to Tony Mitchell or Roger Franklin in the post if they can get it.

2:56 — We are all tied up at 55-55 late. FAU has scored the last four points to tie it up and has the ball coming out of the timeout. Roger Franklin has 15 for UNT.

4:29 — UNT is up 53-51 and has the ball coming out of a timeout.

5:50 — UNT has scored the last four points and is up 53-49. Jordan Williams got free for a dunk off an FAU turnover. Williams has 12 points for UNT.

7:57 — UNT is up 49-47 as we go down the stretch in the second half. Tony Mitchell hit a jumper to put UNT up. The Mean Green will have the ball coming out of the timeout. Roger Franklin has 13. Mitchell and Jordan Williams each have 10. Neither team is shooting the ball very well. UNT is shooting 36 percent from the floor. FAU is shooting 39 percent.

11:27 — UNT is still up 45-43. FAU will have the ball out of the second media timeout of the second half. The Owls have not scored in 6:02. UNT is playing pretty well defensively. Roger Franklin has 13 points for UNT. Jordan Williams has 10. UNT has taken 16 free throws to seven for FAU.

11:53 — UNT is on a 10-0 run and has regained the lead at 45-43 midway through the second half. FAU has not scored in more than six minutes.

15:32 — UNT is down 43-37 at the first media timeout of the second half. P.J. Hardwick hit a big jumper to snap an 8-0 FAU run to open the second half. Roger Franklin has nine points for UNT. Jordan Williams and Alzee Williams each have eight. UNT has the ball out of this timeout. Greg Gantt has 16 for FAU.

17:29 — UNT caught a bit of a bad break here early in the second half. It appeared as if officials had called a foul on the floor on UNT. FAU guard Richard Morrow threw it up and hit it. Officials ruled it a shooting foul. It ended up being a three-point play. FAU has opened up the second half on an 8-0 run and is up 43-35.

Halftime — We are all tied up at 35-35 at halftime after Jordan Williams hit a pretty big 3 from the corner at the buzzer. The ball bounced on the rim, hit the backboard and fell in. FAU argued that Roger Franklin interfered with the ball as it fell in. It didn’t look like he touched it to me. Franklin has nine points at halftime to lead UNT. Greg Gantt got it going late in the half and has a game-high 11 for FAU.

48.2 — UNT is down 33-32. FAU has the ball coming out of a timeout with 35 on the shot clock. FAU could go quick and get a two-for-one in this spot.

3:08 — UNT is up 28-26 at the final media timeout of the first half. Roger Franklin is headed to the line to try to complete a three-point play. Franklin and Alzee Williams both have eight points for UNT.

3:34 — We are all tied up at 26-26 late in the first half. FAU has scored the last four points. Alzee Williams has eight for UNT.

7:06 — UNT is up 24-22 midway through the first half. Alzee Williams has eight points to lead UNT. The Mean Green is shooting 47 percent from the floor. FAU has hit a couple of 3s in the early going.

11:42 — UNT is still up 16-11 at the second media timeout and is playing pretty well early. Tony Mitchell came in at the first media timeout. Alzee Williams has six points for UNT. The Mean Green has outscored FAU 6-0 from the free-throw line, which is the difference so far. Greg Gantt, the Sun Belt’s leading scorer at 21 points a game, has just two so far for FAU.

14:58 — UNT is up 7-4 at the first media timeout. UNT is 3-for-9 from the field. No one has more than two points for UNT.

Tip — Tony Mitchell will not start tonight due to a violation of team rules.

Mitchell will be in there pretty quickly, but it is a bit of a blow for UNT. Mitchell went off for 24 in UNT’s win over FAU earlier in the year.

UNT and FAU are about to tip off their game here at the Super Pit. Time for a little live blogging along the way.

UNT won its last game at Troy and is looking to win back-to-back games for the first time since beating Jackson State and Southeastern Louisiana on Dec. 8 and Dec. 16.

UNT is 5-12 since and has lost every time it has had a chance to build on a win since.

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