UNT talking baseball again (looks like it will happen this time)

I wrote about UNT looking at adding a baseball program in today’s paper

I first wrote about the possibility back in 2004. That would be nine years ago now, but it’s looking like this could finally be the time. The key point in the story is a quote from Rick Villarreal:

“We brought some people together to help determine the funding process for a facility as well as the program for the first two years,” Villarreal said recently. “We have made a lot of progress. Hopefully, in the near future, we will be able to lay out the situation publically.”

That point is that UNT has some people who could back the program monetarily involved. That makes a difference. UNT is going to need to build a facility from scratch and that is not going to be cheap.

UNT has dramatically improved its facilities over the last few years, and tapped into its donor base to get that done. UNT is still in the process of getting a new basketball practice facility into place. That should be finished up here in the next few months.

Baseball is next on the list.

There are some people with the financial wherewithal to make it happen.

I don’t think UNT is going to end up waiting another nine years for the dream of having a baseball program come to fruition.

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