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Final — ULM 85, UNT 73. ULM has won just four games all year. Two of them have come against UNT. ULM was on a nine-game losing streak heading into this game.

3:45 — Had to duck out there after getting a bit behind. UNT is down 71-65 at the final media timeout. UNT was in control of this game early in the second half. This is a game UNT needs to find a way to win.

Halftime — UNT closed the half on a 9-2 run and is up 42-33 at halftime. Roger Franklin and Jordan Williams each had 15 points in the first half.

3:37 — UNT has come back to take a 29-28 lead at the final media timeout of the first half. Roger Franklin has 12 already and is headed to the line to try to complete a three-point play.

7:31 — UNT had pulled to within 20-18 at the third media timeout of the first half. ULM has gone cold from the field.

11:08 men’s game — UNT is off to a tough start here in Monroe and is down 18-12 midway through the first half.

Final — UNT pulls it out 76-75.

3.3 — Loryn Goodwin just hit a huge 3 for UNT to put the Mean Green up 76-75. ULM had a chance to ice it with 9.8 seconds left, but Alexar Tugler missed the front end of a one-and-one. UNT got the ball to Goodwin, who hit a 3.

29.2 — Elexar Tugler just hit a huge 3 from the top of the key for ULM. The Warhawks are up 75-71 with less than 30 seconds left. UNT has to score quickly out of this timeout.

3:40 — UNT is down 68-64 at the final media timeout. Laura McCoy was just called for a charge. Loryn Goodwin has 22 points and Alexis Hyder 19 for UNT. The Mean Green needs to make its move here pretty quickly.

7:35 — UNT is down 60-55 at the third media timeout of the second half and has not scored in a long time. ULM is on an 8-0 run. UNT just forced a turnover.

8:12 — UNT is down 58-55 in the second half. ULM just took a timeout to save a possession. UNT is turning up the pressure.

9:00 — ULM is on a 6-0 run and is up 58-55.

11:27 — UNT is up 51-50 midway through the second half. UNT just turned it over. ULM is on 12-5 run. Loryn Goodwin has 22 for UNT and is having another great game.

13:10 — UNT is up 49-45. ULM got to within one before Loryn Goodwin hit another 3.

15:57 — Laura McCoy just picked up a charge in a pretty big spot. Alexar Tugler had just hit a layup. It was going to be a three-point play try or a charge. UNT got the charge. UNT is up 46-38.

16:53 — UNT is opening up a pretty big lead. UNT is up 46-38.

18:18 — UNT has opened the second half on a 9-0 run and is up 41-35. ULM just took a timeout. Laura McCoy and Alexis Hyder have hit big 3s to open the second half for the Mean Green.

Halftime — UNT is down 35-32 at halftime after trailing by eight late in the first half. Loryn Goodwin continues to lit it up from the 3-point line. She hit two 3s in the last couple minutes of the first half. Goodwin went 4-for-8 from deep in the first half and has 17 points.

3:41 — UNT is down 29-22 at the final media timeout of the first half. ULM has turned it over in a couple of key spots where it had a chance to extend its lead. Loryn Goodwin has 11 and is keeping UNT in it.

6:33 — ULM is on an 8-0 run and is up 26-18. UNT just called another timeout.

7:57 — ULM is still up 23-18 at the third media timeout of the first half. UNT turned it over right before the media timeout. UNT has seven turnovers.

8:05 — ULM is on a 5-0 run and is up 23-18. UNT just called a timout. Loryn Goodwin has eight points for UNT.

11:17 — UNT is up 13-12 at the second media timeout of the first half. Alexis Hyder has six points for UNT. Neither team has hit much of anything the last few minutes.

14:41 — UNT is up 12-11 at the first media timeout of the first half. Loryn Goodwin and Alexis Hyder have five points and

16:34 — ULM is up 9-8 and just took a timeout. ULM was up 9-5, but left Loryn Goodwin all alone. That was the record-setter for UNT, most 3s in a season with 135.

I’m here in Monroe (also known among people who cover Sun Belt teams as Fun-Roe) on Valentines Day for UNT’s game against ULM.

There are 44 people who are not being paid to be here in the house by my unofficial count.

Fortunately, I took the better half out for a nice dinner last night.

But on to the point. The UNT women are in town looking to break a two-game losing streak and bolster its hopes of running down Arkansas State and Arkansas-Little Rock in the Sun Belt West Division standings.

UNT has played better on the road than it has at home all year.

The UNT men broke a five-game losing streak in their last game, a win over Florida International. UNT shot a school record 75 percent against the Golden Panthers.

UNT somehow managed to lose to ULM at home earlier in the year. The Warhawks have won three games all year.

This is a game UNT has to win.

Check back for updates.

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