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Final — WKU 70, UNT 59. I will be back.

41.5 — Jordan Williams just hit a 3 to pull UNT within 65-59. It looks like it’s too late.

1:44 — UNT is down 61-53 late. What’s even worse is WKU has the ball coming out of the timeout. WKU is on a 7-0 run since UNT pulled to within one.

2:48 — WKU has scored the last five points to take a 59-53 lead. Brandon Harris just hit a huge 3 for WKU.

3:42 — UNT is down 54-53 after Alzee Williams scored on a floater in the lane. Tony Mitchell just picked up his fourth foul on what UNT’s coaches thought was a questionable call.

4:23 — And we are all tied up. Jordan Williams just stuck a 3 from the wing to tie get UNT even at 51-51.

5:19 — UNT is making a run late. WKU was up 51-40, but UNT has scored the last eight points to pull with in 51-48.

7:57 — UNT is down 47-40 a little past the midway point of the second half. WKU was up 11, but UNT has scored four quick points, including an Alzee Williams layup that pulled the Mean Green within 47-40.

11:17 — UNT is down 43-36 midway through the second half. UNT was within 38-34 before WKU scored five quick points. Brandon Harris hit a huge 3.

12:23 — UNT was down eight early in the second half, but has pulled to within 38-34. Tony Mitchell has 12.

18:11 — WKU has opened the second half on a 5-0 run and is up 32-24. T.J. Price hit a deep 3 to spark it. UNT has called an early timeout.

Halftime — UNT is down 27-24 after leading by nine early. Tony Mitchell has eight points to lead UNT.

43.2 — WKU is on a 12-3 run and is up 25-22. UNT just called a timeout to set up a play.

2:51 — UNT is up 22-21 at the final media timeout of the half. Argyle grad Caden Dickerson just drilled a corner 3.

6:49 — UNT is up 19-13 midway through the first half. Roger Franklin just found Alzee Williams under the basket off a rebound on a great pass. Tony Mitchell has eight points for UNT.

11:54 — Tony Mitchell is headed to the line with UNT up 13-7. Mitchell has six points already. WKU is just 3-for-10 from the floor.

14:27 — UNT is up 11-2. Jordan Williams just hit a 3. WKU called a timeout.

15:32 men’s game — UNT is of to a great start and is up 8-2 at the first media timeout. UNT was up 8-0 and held WKU scoreless until the 16:15 mark. Tony Mitchell came out on fire and has six points already.

Final — WKU 76-62.

2:56 — We have hit the final media timeout with WKU up 74-60. UNT is in a hole it isn’t going to get out of. WKU is still shooting over 50 percent from the floor, 52 percent to be exact.

3:34 — UNT just gave up a layup. WKU is up 74-60. Mike Petersen took a timeout and is livid.

3:53 — UNT has made things a little more interesting late. UNT is within 72-60. This was a 20-point game. WKU just called a timeout.

7:11 — UNT is still down 67-50 at the third media timeout of the second half. BreAnna Dawkins has 16 points and Loryn Goodwin 13. UNT has actually only been outscored 23-21 in the second half.

7:29 — WKU pushed its lead to 20 points at 67-47 a few minutes ago. WKU called a timeout after UNT pulled to within 17.

11:17 — UNT is down 59-43 at the second media timeout of the second half. WKU has three players with at least 13 points and is shooting 54 percent from the floor.

12:20 — UNT is down 59-43 and just took a timeout. WKU is shooting the heck out of it. The Hilltoppers are at 55 percent from the floor for the day and have hit four of their 10 3s on the day. Loryn Goodwin has 13 and BreAnna Dawkins 12 for UNT.

15:29 — UNT is down 52-41 at the first media timeout of the second half. UNT was down 16, but Laura McCoy hit a 3 and Loryn Goodwin hit two more. UNT got within nine at one point.

Halftime — Well, that didn’t end well. WKU closed the half on a 12-4 run and is up 44-29. Bianca McGee went 4-for-5 from 3 in the first half for WKU, which was a killer. This game is on TV and no one is here. This is not starting out to be a good night for UNT. UNT is shooting just 29 percent from the floor and has hit just two of its 13 3-point attempts.

1:30 — This is getting away from UNT pretty quickly. WKU is on a 7-0 run and is up 39-25. UNT is burning through a lot of timeouts after calling another with just 90 seconds left in the half.

3:17 — UNT scored out of the timeout Mike Petersen called on a Loryn Goodwin layup and is within 32-25 at the last media timeout of the first half. This is a key spot here for UNT. A push heading into halftime would do UNT a lot of good. UNT is shooting just 34 percent from the floor.

3:50 — WKU has opened up a 32-23 lead. UNT just called for time.

6:45 — UNT is down 23-20 and has just called a timeout. BreAnna Dawkins has hit four straight free throws for UNT.

7:51 — UNT is down 21-18, but BreAnna Dawkins is headed to the line for a pair of free throws. WKU is on a 14-4 run. UNT has gone into a bit of a funk here offensively.

10:46 — UNT leads 18-16 at the second media timeout of the first half. UNT was up seven before WKU went on a 9-2 run. Alexis Govan, the WKU guard who dropped 40 on UNT the last time these teams played, has nine already.

15:35 — UNT is up 10-6 after a quick turnaround between the timeout WKU called and the media timeout. UNT has hit four of its first seven shots from the floor. No one has shot a free throw yet.

16:15 — UNT is on a 8-0 run and is up 10-4. WKU just took a timeout. Laura McCoy and Loryn Goodwin have hit 3s for UNT.

I got here a little late for tonight’s doubleheader after finishing up some work in the office. The UNT is facing Western Kentucky in a key doubleheader. The UNT women can move into a tie with Arkansas State atop the Sun Belt West Division with a win. The UNT men are looking to avoid a four-game losing streak.

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