Friday football practice observations

I stopped by football practice for a few minutes today to pick up some notes for the blog.

Disclaimer — I was only there for the very end of practice because of some office obligations.

With that being said, here are a few thoughts/observations:

One aspect of practice that stood out is the amount of time UNT spent working on the quarterback run game in team drills. It’s not exactly a state secret that UNT plans to get back to the dual-threat quarterback offense it used more a few years ago. Brock Berglund ran the ball quite a bit in a workout with no tackling. He looked pretty fast and slippery as a runner.

Berglund also showed his arm strength on occasion. A few receivers went up to catch high passes and had them go through their hands because they were delivered with some zip.

Berglund was working with the second team.

I mentioned after UNT’s pre-spring press conference that Derek Thompson was supposed to have lost a lot of weight. It was pretty obvious just from looking at him.

Usually it takes transfers some time to work their way into the starting lineup. Safety Zed Evans and defensive end Quenton Brown were out there with the first team already. UNT’s injury situation has left few other options at defensive end other than Brown, but Evans certainly has some competition. He was out there with Marcus Trice.

With that being said, I was impressed with Brown’s speed on the edge on a couple of instances, including once when he was chasing down a running back on the perimeter.

Zac Whitfield made a really nice play on a ball in the end zone.

Vanderbilt transfer and former Argyle standout Brady Brown had a nice grab on the sideline in team drills.

UNT works out again tomorrow at 11 a.m. I will try to blog live or at least put a series of notes up later in the day.

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