Mac spring presser tidbits

Back-at-the-office update — I have a few minutes here before I have to run and catch a UNT swimmer headed to the NCAAs, but here is what else stood out for me at McCarney’s press conference:

– Mike Canales said that UNT would open up its offense to include more quarterback run options this year. Derek Thompson has lost a lot of weight. I will look back later, but I think the figure was around 15 pounds.

– Dan McCarney said that UNT would have more options at wide receiver this year, and more speed.

– UNT’s defensive line will be really shorthanded with a host of players missing part or all of the spring, including Brandon McCoy.

– UNT’s new CB coach Ryan Walters has been pleasantly surprised with the talent and depth the team has in its defensive backfield.

– UNT’s new special teams coach Tommy Perry said that he would not take past performance into consideration when he looks at next year’s lineup. He is very aware of Zed Evans speed. My guess is Brelan Chancellor will also be involved in the return game.

– Walters and Perry will both recruit part of the Dallas area. Perry has some East Texas ties and will have that area as well.

– The over riding theme to the day was that UNT has much better depth and experience heading into next season. UNT is hoping that makes a big difference.

Zed Evans is the fastest player on the team.

Daniel Prior wins the Iron Eagle award for winter workouts.

Here’s another one, Jamal Marshall is a backup at outside linebacker. He started out as a DB.

A couple of other interesting twists: Brandin Byrd is at the top of the depth chart at running back. Carlos Harris is a starter at wide receiver.

The big surprise right odd the bat on the depth chart is Kaydon Kirby is listed as the starting center over Shawn McKinney and Boone Feldt.

Check back for updates.

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