Mitchell press conference in the works

UNT is preparing to have a press conference at which Tony Mitchell will announce his plans in terms of whether to enter the NBA draft or return to school for his junior year.

UNT head coach Tony Benford confirmed that is the plan and several other sources close to Mitchell indicated that is what will take place.

Mitchell has been speaking with his coaches and members of his family about the decision over the last few days.

Mitchell said all along that would be the path he followed after the season.

That is all we know for certain at this point.

A couple of people close to Mitchell have said ever since the end of the Sun Belt Conference tournament that they are all but certain that Mitchell has made up his mind what he wants to do.

Those people, some of whom have known Mitchell since his days developing as a high school player and an AAU circuit standout, have maintained that belief over the last few days.

While I do not have a definitive source saying what Mitchell is going to do on the record, let’s put it this way: I would be shocked if he returns to UNT.

And I really couldn’t blame him for leaving.

There is some question as to whether he will go in the first round, but pretty much every projection out there has Mitchell among the top 30 picks.

He was probably rated higher after his freshman year, which raises the question: What will Mitchell gain by coming back?

Yeah, he could improve his stock. He didn’t this year, though. Is there any guarantee he would see his stock go up after next year? Nope.

I also firmly believe that Mitchell will shoot up the draft boards of teams around the NBA once he gets into the workout phase of the process.

Mitchell has tremendous talent. There will be coaches and teams that believe they will be able to tap into it.

And I wouldn’t doubt for a minute that they will. Mitchell could be a very solid pro.

Let’s allow history to be our lesson here.

Mitchell was in this same spot last year, nearly left UNT and decided at the last minute to stay.

He didn’t host a press conference to say what his plans were then.

This year will be different.

We know that for sure in terms of how the decision will be announced.

There is no reason to think the decision won’t be different as well.

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