Monday afternoon football notes

I stopped by practice today to pick up some notes for the blog. I wasn’t there the whole time (had to pick up a car at the shop), but I did see quite a bit.

I had hoped to hear how the MRI on defensive end Quenton Brown’s knee came out. Turns out he wasn’t able to get in to have the MRI done until today. UNT will hear in the next couple of days what the results are.

It’s hard to tell about knees until MRI results come back. I won’t even venture a guess. UNT will just have to hope the injury is not serious.

While we are talking injuries, Brock Berglund was out again today with that hamstring injury. Berglund is going to be a good quarterback for UNT at some point. The more time he misses in spring, the more likely it is that time will come later on in his career, especially with Derek Thompson playing well. Thompson threw the ball well in team drills today and also picked up some key yards running the ball.

While I was asking Dan McCarney about Brown’s knee, he mentioned that he really likes the move of Chad Polk to defensive end. Polk was seeing time with the first team. I am starting to think we will see a lot of him on passing downs next season. Polk will be undersized, but so were K.C. Obi and Brandon Akpunku.

Darnell Smith and Carl Caldwell are having good springs at wide receiver. Smith played a lot last year. I’m starting to think Caldwell will be a factor next season. Derrick Teegarden is also playing well. UNT will have more players to run in there at wide receiver next season.

The catch of the day (at least while I was hanging around) was made by Carlos Harris on the sideline on a ball from Thompson.

Hilbert Jackson made one of the big plays of the day defensively, returning an interception for a touchdown.

Mark Lewis is with the second-team offense at running back.

I am starting to think UNT has three good safeties who will all play in Lairamie Lee, Marcus Trice and Zed Evans.

I also watched some of the individual pass rush drills. Mason Y’Barbo won most of his matchups, while Alexander Lincoln continues to look like he can provide a pass rush from the defensive tackle spot.

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