Thoughts on Mac going forward after surgery

UNT announced today that Dan McCarney underwent surgery a week ago and is back in the office. I covered what went down and we know that he had bypass surgery.

The question now is how what happened will affect McCarney and UNT going forward.

I have not heard back from McCarney, but I don’t expect bypass surgery to affect him in a major way. Mac is not spring chicken at 59, but people who know the guy will say this: The guy is a tank for someone pushing 60.

He runs the stairs at Apogee Stadium, works out and is in terrific shape. I find it baffling that he has had as many issues as he has, which to be honest is one — that stroke. I don’t see bypass surgery having a big affect on him.

He will be back out there running around by the fall when practice starts.

What UNT and McCarney have to hope is that he can handle the grind of the job over the next few years and avoid another big setback like that stroke. Being a head coach subjects people to a ton of stress. The hours are long and there is a ton a coach has to handle, from working with assistants, players and the public, not to mention the media. The stress of it all nearly did in Ohio State head coach Urban Meyer, who McCarney worked with at Florida.

The other concern is how a stroke and a bypass could be used against UNT.

College football a cutthroat business, especially when it comes to recruiting.

Don’t think for a minute that the programs that UNT competes against are not going to offer up the question to players considering playing for the Mean Green — “Are you confident McCarney will be there to coach you for the next four of five years?”

Personally, I think there is a good chance he will be. McCarney is well respected at UNT and around the state. He has improved UNT’s program the last few years and he has a lot to work with going forward with Apogee Stadium in place.

There are a lot of people out there who would really like to see him succeed.

Don’t forget — Bill Snyder is still kicking around at Kansas State at 73.

There is no reason McCarney can’t stick around as long as he would like, as long as he can continue to advance UNT’s program.

You just hope health issues won’t stand in his way, or be used against him going forward.

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