UNT will get shot to repeat in tennis beginning tomorrow

It’s been a pretty good year for UNT in women’s Olympic spots.

John Hedlund (the remaining half of the Johns in whom we trust now that Johnny Jones left for LSU) led the UNT women’s soccer team to the NCAA tournament. The UNT volleyball team made it to the finals of the conference tournament, while the women’s swimming and indoor track teams had good seasons.

Which brings us to tennis.

Sujay Lama has pretty much entered “John Territory” in terms of coaches at UNT with serious skins on the wall who we pretty much expect to do well every year.

We just haven’e come up with a nifty way to tie those names together.

Sujay? Lama?

Yeah, not nifty phrase friendly.

Point being, UNT begins its quest for another Sun Belt title in tennis tomorrow. UNT is the No. 1 seed and will face Arkansas-Little Rock in the morning in a second-round match. UNT is the No. 1 seed, the 60th-ranked team in the nation and had a first-round bye.

It would be a shock if UNT doesn’t roll through the tournament.

UNT had three players named to the All-Sun Belt team yesterday: Kseniya Bardabush, Franziska Sprinkmeyer and Barbora Vykydalova.

I wrote a feature on Vykydalova for today’s paper.

The story is one that is familiar when it comes to Lama’s teams. Foreign kid. Player Lama had to hustle to get to UNT. Player goes on to great success on and off the court.

It’s also a story that never gets old.

Kind of like UNT doing well in women’s Olympic sports.

That might not soften the blow from tough years in men’s basketball and football (the high-profile sports), but it’s something to celebrate.

Don’t be surprised if Lama and his team have something more to celebrate in a few days.

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