Post-spring questions series: No.2 — Can Derek Thompson get it done?

North Texas quarterback Derek Thompson throws a pass in a win over South Alabama last season at Apogee Stadium.

No. 2 – Can Derek Thompson get it done?

I’m sitting in a log cabin out in a state park in East Texas on vacation, pondering the future of UNT football. Ok, not really, but I am taking a couple of minutes to jump back on the blog to continue our off-season questions series.

Today, we ponder UNT’s quarterback situation and Derek Thompson.

Thompson put up some pretty impressive numbers last season, throwing for 2,649 yards and 14 touchdowns. He threw for 200 yards in seven straight games.

Was Thompson perfect? No.

No quarterback ever is.

Was he pretty good at times? Yeah.

Thompson threw for 333 yards against Louisiana-Monroe, 316 against Arkansas State and 282 yards against Louisiana-Lafayette, including hitting Antoinne Jimmerson with a short pass he turned into a 78-yard touchdown catch.

The problem was that Thompson also made a few key mistakes, including an interception Jonathan Dowling returned for a touchdown that turned the tide in a season-ending 25-loss to Western Kentucky.

The expectation among a lot of UNT fans was that Brock Berglund would come in and win the job in the spring, but he missed most of the festivities with a hamstring injury.

Dan McCarney said that Berglund never really had a chance to get into the hunt for the job.

More and more, it looks like Thompson will be UNT’s guy for one more year.

Thompson wasn’t an elite quarterback in the Sun Belt last year and it seems doubtful that he will be at the top of Conference USA either.

There are a lot of fans who seem to want to run DT out. Here’s the problem – UNT didn’t have much in the way of skill position talent around him last year, which was part of the problem, and this team likely does not have a better option.

Berglund hasn’t played any significant snaps since he was in high school, and that was a long, long time ago. He may need another year.

If UNT wants to win now, starting over at quarterback doesn’t seem like the best option, or at least not the safest one.

McCarney said the job is wide open heading into the fall. It’s hard to imagine that Thompson doesn’t have the inside track on the job, though.

Can he pull a rabbit out of the hat as a senior? Can he make UNT fans forget Scott Hall (UNT’s last all-conference quarterback back in 2004, who should be a Hall of Famer sooner rather than later)? If not, can he at least get UNT to .500?

It’s arguably the biggest question for UNT heading into the fall.

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