Thoughts on the Abbe situation, Peters tidbit

UNT defensive tackle Richard Abbe was suspended indefinitely by head coach Dan McCarney today after he was arrested for suspicion of DWI.

I did some digging, but couldn’t get the police report or much detail, not even second-hand information on what the arresting officer put in his report. Until I get more definitive information, it’s hard to say anything beyond what was on the jail report.

Abbe has gone through some “not a big enough deal to make the paper” legal issues in the past.

It’s pretty clear Abbe’s future with the program is in a bit of doubt. He wouldn’t be suspended indefinitely otherwise.

One just hopes Abbe can work through his problems. He’s always great to talk to, and he just seemed like a big, fun-loving country guy in cowboy boots and his big hat with the feather.

The guy I feel bad for is McCarney, who I talked to real briefly. The guy just spent five hours on an operating table not too long ago cut wide open having bypass surgery. One would think he could get a few weeks of smooth sailing.

Unfortunately, the “Snoopy rain cloud” that seems to perpetually follow the UNT program around is still there.

What makes the whole situation all the more concerning is that Abbe, while not a great player, is at least a guy who is a proven FBS defensive lineman. UNT already lost Quenton Brown until at least conference play with a really bad knee injury that includes an ACL tear. Dylan McDorman had to give up football and Tevinn Cantly graduated.

UNT was already going to be thin up front. If Abbe doesn’t come back, the Mean Green will be even thinner. Abbe is the biggest defensive lineman UNT has.

My guess is that Abbe will be back in good graces by the fall, but there is reason to be concerned. Legal issues are always tricky and there is no telling how thin the ice the Abbe was on before was.

And on the hoops front, I called around to see if I could get a feel for how Zach Peters’ visit to UNT went. I heard it went well, but didn’t hear back from the Peters camp. The former Kansas player seems like a good fit for UNT. We will just have to wait and see how it plays out.