UNT falls short in chase for the Bubas Cup (the last of the Bubas jokes)

It’s a sad, sad day for us here on the MGB.

There are still a few events to go in the sports season — NCAA regional golf and regional track, maybe the national finals in both sports as well.

But as far as the Bubas Cup, and thus Bubas Cup jokes, we have reached the end of the road.

Our friend Adam Sparks who covers Middle Tennessee over in Murfreesboro has been tracking and projecting the race all along, updating us with the grim details that became official at the end of the Sun Belt Conference track meet.

UNT’s stated goal throughout its 12 years in the Sun Belt was to dominate the league. The Bubas Cup is the all-sports trophy for the Sun Belt named after Vic Bubas, the conference’s first commissioner and I’m sure a fine fellow. It’s as fare a gauge as one is going to find for over success in athletics across the board in the Sun Belt.

Like a 15-year-old fiddling with the snap, UNT has come tantalizingly close to getting its hands on the Bubas … Cup Trophy … without reaching that goal.

The Blue Raiders have had the Bubas Cup all to themselves for five years now. Here are the current standings, pending the end of baseball season.

UNT has never won it.

Not having a baseball program or a men’s tennis program hurt UNT’s changes. Then again, MTSU doesn’t have a women’s swimming program.

What really hurt UNT over the years was that it never seemed to have everything rolling at the same time, which might have helped it overcome those obstacles. UNT was great in football (no matter what some people might tell you) from 2001-04, but then tanked and never got back to the top of the league. UNT was consistently good in men’s basketball under Johnny Jones from 2006-07 until he left before last season. UNT struggled last year. UNT was terrible in tennis until Sujay Lama got that program on track. Swimming and diving also struggled before Joe Dykstra arrived (He’s since departed).

John Hedlund’s soccer team has been consistently good and the track and cross country programs have been solid for the most part over the years.

The bottom line is UNT just never put it all together and snatched the Bubas away from MTSU and Western Kentucky. Those two schools won it every year UNT was in the Sun Belt.

UNT and the Bubas Cup — it just wasn’t meant to be.

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