Post-spring questions series: No. 8 — Does a difference-maker emerge?

Over the years, there have been a series of key players who have either come pretty much out of nowhere or seen their roles expand unexpectedly and really help UNT.

Jeremy Brown was a former walk-on, so was Ivan Delgado. Both ended up playing key roles for UNT. A few years ago, Casey Fitzgerald came out of nowhere to have a really good career at UNT.

Scholarship players are a different story when it comes to unexpected contributions, but I don’t think anyone expected Zac Whitfield to win a starting job — and then play pretty well — after making the move from running back to cornerback. Carlos Harris contributed after being thrust into the lineup after Brelan Chancellor broke his collarbone.

And that brings us to this season, and the key question — Does another difference-maker emerge?

The immediate thought is that Brock Berglund could be that guy. He’s expected to become UNT’s starting quarterback at some point down the line. Derek Thompson seems pretty entrenched as UNT’s starter, but the Mean Green hasn’t had a guy with a ceiling like Berglund is a long time.

Berglund has size, a big arm and can scramble.

Does he become that guy who emerges this season, especially if UNT starts slow or if Thompson struggles.

Wide receiver seems like another spot where UNT could really use a breakthrough player. UNT didn’t have an outside receiver catch a touchdown pass until Darnell Smith caught one in each of the last two games of the season.

Could Texas transfer Darius Terrell be the player who jumps up and surprises people this year?

UNT has fewer players to replace on the defensive side of the ball, but the coaching staff believed it could upgrade the secondary with a few new players in key spots.

Could Zed Evans end up being a key player this year.

Most college teams have someone emerge each season. That question for UNT is who that player will be and what kind of difference will he make?

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