Regent gives a more definitive timeline on baseball

Don Potts, a member of the UNT board of regents, gave a more definitive timeline on UNT’s plans to add a baseball program to its lineup of sports programs today, saying the school could announce the addition of the program early next year.

UNT has been on record as saying it will add a program as it makes the transition to Conference USA.

The school could potentially add $2.8 million to its athletic budget in the next few weeks. A portion of that money would go toward the start-up costs for a program.

Potts said UNT has money from boosters available that would allow the school to build a $7 million stadium after a portion of the cost is bonded out.

UNT officials gave differing timelines for when the school could field a team, but the range was between 2015-2017, depending on a host of factors.

See tomorrow’s paper for more from myself and our higher education reporter Jenna Duncan, who covered the budget side of the story.

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