Saturday afternoon notes, thoughts (UNT mock game today)

UNT will go through its mock game today, which will be the Mean Green’s last big scrimmage-type workout before its opens the season against Idaho.

I wrote about it a little in the paper today.

UNT was originally going to make its coaches and players available after the workout, but later decided against it.

We will have to wait until Monday to see if there was any fallout. Conference USA is scheduled to have a coaches teleconference Monday afternoon.

With practice closed to the media in the fall, it’s hard to get a really good grasp of how things stand. All one has to go on is what the coaches and players have to say and what one can pick up from parents and boosters allowed in. Here’s my take on some of the key issues UNT will try to address:

What’s the pecking order behind Derek Thompson?

UNT seems to have settled on Thompson as its starter heading into the season. Will freshman Dajon Williams play? And who is the top backup?

Does UNT go ahead with its plan to spread the field?

We have heard that UNT will open up its offense this year. Will that be the case? UNT coaches and players say the team has struggled at times to move the ball. Does UNT have the players it needs to open up its offense? The mock game will be UNT’s last chance to show that it can be more dynamic and use the passing game to complement the pounding running game that it won’t completely abandon.

What does UNT do at safety in terms of starters?

Louisville transfer Zed Evans has made a big impression during practice this fall. UNT also has Lairamie Lee and Marcus Trice. How does the team use all three?

Does will UNT handle its defensive line rotation?

UNT’s coaches have said that they will rotate several defensive linemen this season, but how do they handle that rotation? Is undersized and speedy end Chad Polk someone who will only see the field in passing situations? Is Richard Abbe, one of the few run-stuffers UNT has, back in the starting lineup after some off-the-field issues? Has Daryl Mason reached the point where he has put it all together and can take on a large role.

Those are just a few of the questions UNT could be looking to address in its mock game.

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