Thursday afternoon basketball notes (no home tourney)

North Texas head coach Tony Benford will enter the season with his roster as it stands after Josh Friar left the school and enrolled at Ranger JC.

One of the side benefits of being out from under our football magazine is that I have had a chance to chase a few other items of interest in other areas of the UNT athletic department.

First item on the list: The rumor that UNT is hosting a men’s basketball tournament this year.

Tony Benford said that is not the case.

I know where the rumor started. There might be another C-USA team that is hosting a tournament this year, but it isn’t UNT.

I also asked a little about the situation with Josh Friar. He is off to Ranger JC.

UNT will head into the season with its current roster. Benford is happy with the team he has and has no concerns with depth.

He really likes what Vertrail Vaughns and Kelvin Gaines will bring to the team.

“With this group we have experience, guys who have been to the NCAA tournament and older guys,” Benford said. “I like our talent, but I also like that we have toughness and guys with leadership qualities and guys who have been through it.”

Check tomorrow’s paper for more.

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