Board of regents leftovers and presentation slides

I covered the basics of what was said — and done — at the UNT board of regents meeting yesterday when the school inched closer to adding a baseball program and added some extra money to the budget for summer school.

But there were some other items of interest. Here are a few other highlights we have yet to cover:

– UNT had some slides that covered the entire budget, which I hung on to and scanned. You can see them here Presentation slides

– UNT president Lane Rawlins said that he wants to have the school’s athletic budget to rank in the top half of Conference USA, and he wants to get there without increasing the level of subsidies (student fees, et cetera) the program receives. He would like to see UNT at the average in Conference USA in terms of the level that the program is subsidized.

The budget that was a approved does not include an increase in student fees.

– There were some evaluation standards discussed for various sports. The board will take a look at how UNT is progressing in athletics each year and keep in mind the following targets:

Football: Finish in the top half of the conference at least half the time, play in a bowl game at least every other year.

Basketball: Finish in the top half of the conference over a three-year span and be in the postseason at least once every six seasons.

All other sports combined: Put two teams in the postseason each school year.

– There were a couple of other tidbits of notes:

1. UNT’s athletes have posted a combined 3.01 GPA.

2. UNT is graduating 75 percent of its athletes.

3. UNT has raised half of the money it needs for a new golf practice facility.

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