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I had to check out there with a tight deadline. UNT wins 28-16.

8:26 — This is an amazing stand by UNT. Rice has run seven plays inside UNT’s 6-yard line after UNT was called for holding in the end zone and hasn’t scored yet. UNT could essentially wrap this win up with a stop here on fourth-and-goal from the 2-yard line.

13:56 — Rice just intercepted a Derek Thompson pass.

Start of the fourth quarter — We are headed to the fourth quarter with UNT leading 28-16. UNT will face a third-and-2 situation when we start the fourth quarter.

:42 — Rice has punted the ball away. UNT will have the ball at its 28-yard line.

3:24 — UNT is facing fourth-and-1 the Rice 48. UNT called a timeout and elected to punt it away. Rice will have the ball at its 18-yard line.

8:58 — UNT capitalized on Trice’s interception really quickly. Antoinne Jimmerson caught a 46-yard pass from Derek Thompson on a wheel route. UNT is up 28-16. UNT has scored 21 straight points.

9:46 — UNT made a big play right there defensively. Marcus Trice intercepted a pass that was tipped twice, first by Zach Orr and then by James Jones.

11:15 — UNT will have to punt from deep in its own end of the field. Blake Macek didn’t get off a very long punt. Rice will take over at the UNT 42-yard line.

12:59 — Rice will have to punt. The Owls got a great one off that rolled to the UNT 4-yard line. Rice had a receiver open on third down. UNT got some help from the ref who got in the way of the receiver. He looked like an extra defensive back.

14:54 — Rice starts from its 13.

Halftime — These plays tend to be overlooked in the overall scheme of things, but Richard Abbe picking up that first down on third-and-2 in the first half was huge. UNT was down 16-7 at that point. If UNT doesn’t pick up that first down there, it’s punting the ball away from around its 35 with Rice up 16-7. U

:35 — UNT just made a big stop on fourth down at its on 37-yard line. Zach Orr cut down Charles Ross just short of the marker. It’s 21-16 UNT at halftime.

1:08 — Rice is driving and has the ball at the UNT 46-yard line. The Owls are facing a third-and-10 situation and called a timeout.

3:26 — Rice’s punter got off a booming kick, but left Brelan Chancellor a chance to return it. He just scored from 65 yards out. UNT is up 21-16 after trailing 16-7 not too long ago.

3:43 — Marcus Trice just dropped a sure interception. UNT will get the ball back here late in the first half.

5:01 — That is why UNT really likes Antoinne Jimmerson when he holds on to the ball. Jimmerson got to the edge and scored from 42 yards out. UNT has pulled to within 16-14.

6:31 — UNT is driving and is at the 50. LaChris Anyiam just went down, but is walking off the field.

8:59 — UNT has the ball at its 26.

9:06 — Rice seems to have found it offensively. The Owls went 88 yards in six plays. Jordan Taylor just caught a 32-yard touchdown pass. Taylor McHargue has 138 passing yards so far and has hit nine of his 12 attempts. Charles Ross has bounced back from that early fumble to rush for 65 yards and is averaging 6.5 yards a carry. Rice is up 16-7

11:56 — UNT will have to punt. Rice will start from its 12-yard line. Rice has started pretty much ever possession deep in its own end of the field throughout the night. Rice has taken over at its 10, 12 and 14 in the first half.

14:06 — Rice has come right back to score. Turner Petersen caught a 21-yard pass from Taylor McHargue to cap a five-play, 75-yard drive. Charles Ross had a 35-yard run on the drive. McHargue is 6-for-9 for 72 yards and a touchdown.

End of the first quarter — UNT is up 7-2 at the end of the first quarter. Rice as the ball at its 42-yard line. Rice looks like it is going to throw the ball after struggling to run it in the first quarter.

:41 — UNT came right back after giving up a big play with the safety. Marcus Trice forced a Charles Ross fumble that Zach Orr returned 55 yards for a touchdown. UNT is up 7-2. That play stopped a drive that had Rice in UNT territory.

1:17 — Rice is on the board. Tony Johnson snapped the ball a mile over Blake Macek’s head on a punt and out of the end zone for a safety. Rice is up 2-0.

3:31 — UNT continues to play well defensively. Rice had to punt again. UNT will be backed up at its 17-yard line to start this drive.

5:26 — UNT moved the ball a bit again on its last drive and has Rice pinned deep again. This time the owls are at their 13.

8:54 — UNT caught a break on Rice’s first possession. A Rice receiver dropped a pass that would have given the Owls a second first down. UNT will start from its 17-yard line after it was flagged for an illegal block in the back.

11:31 — UNT moved the ball and picked up a first down on its first drive before stalling out. A good punt form Blake Macek has left Rice with the ball at its 10-yard line.

15:00 — Rice kicks it out of the end zone. UNT gets it on the 25-yard line to start.

Kickoff — Rice won the toss and deferred. UNT will get the ball first.

Update 6:25 — I’m kind of surprised at the turnout with about six minutes left to kickoff. A lot of students turned out to fill out three sections

UNT is about to take on Rice here at Apogee Stadium on Halloween. I posted the photo of UNT’s blackout jerseys on the blog earlier this afternoon. UNT’s players seem to like them, judging from the reaction on Twitter.

We have built up just how big this game is throughout the week. So has everyone else with an interest/covers UNT.

UNT has won three straight and can become bowl-eligible with a win tonight.

Before we delve into the matchup. Reggie Pegram is on crutches on the sideline. My guess is UNT has lost him for quite a while, if not for the year.

He was injured late last week in a win over Southern Miss. Dan McCarney said that he wouldn’t give out any information on his status heading into tonight’s game. Well, now we know what the deal is. By late this week, there were signs that would be the case.

The loss of Pegram will be a big blow for UNT in the running game. UNT has rotated Brandin Byrd, Pegram and Antoinne Jimmerson, pretty much in that order. Byrd is not quite as explosive as Pegram and Jimmerson, but is maybe the best all-around back UNT has.

The question is how UNT handles the situation. I asked this week because I had a feeling this was going to happen. Byrd seemed to think UNT would use a couple of young guys in Mark Lewis and Rex Rollins. Rollins has some serious wheels.

The loss of Pegram could negate the edge UNT would have had considering Rice being without nose tackle Stuart Mouchantaf.

Check back, I will update the blog all night.

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