Late-night UNT-Rice thoughts

UNT has snapped its string of losing seasons that began in 2004. The Mean Green has hit six with a 28-16 win over Rice.

We didn’t get as much into the paper as we usually due because of time and space considerations.

We will get to the good stuff here in a minute, but Dan McCarney did acknowledge after the game that Reggie Pegram has a major knee injury. That’s a key loss to the Mean Green.

As far as the game goes, the goal line stand is at the top of everyone’s mind. UNT did an amazing job of holding Rice out of the end zone even though the Owls got eight cracks at it after getting down to the 1.

UNT just really seems to have found it under John Skladany. I will have to go back and review all the went down on that series for a story for Sunday’s or Monday’s paper, but UNT just kept making play after play. It has to be one of the best stands I’ve ever seen.

That is the type of series that will go down in program history and build a lot of confidence among UNT’s players. The fact it was broadcast on national TV certainly doesn’t hurt matters either.

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