QB situation about to get really interesting

UNT’s Dan McCarney and UNLV’s Bobby Hauck will be the featured stars at the Heart of Dallas Bowl press conference tomorrow down in Dallas.

I’m headed down to Fair Park late in the morning. There will be some news to come out of that press conference and I expect the rest of the week to be pretty packed.

The point being, this might be the last chance I get before the weekend to delve into what is a pretty interesting situation with UNT’s quarterback situation heading into next year.

Yeah, next season is a long way off. And I don’t mean to overlook the terrific job head coach Dan McCarney and his guys have done this year. Getting to the Heart of Dallas Bowl on New Year’s Day is a huge accomplishment. UNT should relish playing UNLV in that game and try to take advantage of the monumental opportunity it represents.

With that being said, things are getting really interesting heading into next year.

I have said all along that UNT fans might rue the day they didn’t appreciate Derek Thompson, who has done a heck of a lot for UNT over the years.

He’s not going to be easy to replace, and I’m starting to wonder what UNT’s prospects are in terms of, well, prospects, heading into next year in the wake of the news that UNT offered transfer JUCO product Josh Greer, who should be in on a visit this weekend.

UNT has a few suspects in highly regarded freshman Dajon Williams, highly regarded transfer Brock Berglund, career backup Andrew McNulty and incoming freshman Connor Means.

That’s four scholarship quarterbacks for next season. Would UNT add a fifth?

I would have just about bet the farm on Williams entering next season as the starter a few months ago after after Dan McCarney darn near named him the starter heading into the season. Thompson held Williams off, put together a solid season and hung onto the job.

The idea was that Williams would play throughout the season. He played in the season-opener, and that was pretty much it. The story has been he has been dealing with a whole string of injuries and will likely receive a medical redshirt. Fair enough.

But will UNT be willing to roll into next year with Williams as the starter with so little experience?

McNulty has more experience in terms of game action, but is he the answer? Berglund has a ton of physical talent, but has yet to capitalize on it. I just don’t believe UNT’s coaches think he is the answer.

Could UNT shift Greers — I mean gears?

Greer was scheduled to be at Florida International yesterday and Georgia State on Friday. It sounds like he could be in Denton after that. Remember, the midterm signing period starts Dec. 18.

Greer played this past season at Navarro before breaking his collarbone. He missed six weeks before coming back to throw for 254 yards and two touchdowns in the SWJCFC championship game.

He then helped lead Navarro past Hinds (Miss.) in the Brazos Valley Bowl

Greer put up good numbers at Navarro, throwing for 952 yards and seven touchdowns in five games. He clearly has talent. He started out at UAB before transferring.

Could Greer be the answer next season, when UNT has to replace Thompson? Could he be an insurance policy if Williams is not ready? Will UNT carry five scholarship quarterbacks next season?

This is about the only chance I’m going to get this week to pose those questions, and they are all worth talking about.

One way or another, there is going to be some movement and news when it comes to UNT’s quarterback situation heading into next year. We can bank on that.

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