Tuesday night notes, thoughts

It has suddenly become a very busy time of the year. There’s a lot to talk about on the football front today, so here goes

First off UNT was pretty well represented on the All-C-USA football team today. We covered that earlier along with the side note that Dan McCarney is going to receive a bonus for taking UNT to a bowl game.

I didn’t get a chance to comment on it earlier, but $15,000 is a bargain for UNT in terms of a bonus for McCarney. UNT will make get more than its money’s worth in terms of added exposure for the school and its football program by getting to a bowl game.

And speaking of the Heart of Dallas Bowl …

UNT students should find out more about their options in terms of tickets for the game tomorrow. The Heart of Dallas Bowl is pretty steep when it comes to tickets. I would imagine UNT will work something out to make them a little more affordable for students. Rick Villarreal made a good point this week when it comes to the high ticket cost (they start at $50). UNT fans are staying close to home, which reduces the travel cost as opposed to flying/driving.

The overall cost of getting to the game is going to be pretty manageable when one takes the whole trip into account.

A few people have been offended by the bowl rankings that inevitably come out. I saw this coming from a mile away, but the Heart of Dallas Bowl has universally been ranked as one of the least interesting bowls this year. The Heart of Dallas Bowl managed to dig its way under the Potato Bowl in this list.

Yeah, it’s not pleasant to see for UNT fans, but it’s understandable. Would UNT fans be interested in seeing UNLV take on another C-USA team like, say Middle Tennessee?

What matters is that UNT fans are interested.

And finally, our old pal Chip Brown, a former DMN writer, reported earlier (and unless you live under a rock you have seen it) that Mack Brown is stepping down at Texas.

That could make things interesting when UNT opens the season at Texas next year.

Quick fun story — Chip got me in a load of hot water with UNT fans a few years ago. He wrote the preview capsule for the UNT-Texas game in 2004. Back then it included a Team X wins if … Team Y wins if … element

Chip put something in along the lines of “Texas wins if it doesn’t get lost on its way from the locker room to the field.”

Didn’t go over well in Denton.

Then Texas won 65-0.

I would expect the game to be closer next fall. Just don’t forget that UNT is graduating quarterback Derek Thompson, top rusher Brandin Byrd, top two receivers in Brelan Chancellor and Darnell Smith, an all-conference return man in Chancellor, its entire defensive front, its best player and middle linebacker in Zach Orr, a second linebacker in Will Wright and a whole lot of other guys.

One factor to also keep in mind. there is always a chance Guyer’s Jerrod Heard competes for the starting job as a freshman.

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