Joseph, McCarney talk about assistant’s move to Indiana

As we reported earlier today, Noah Joseph is leaving UNT after two highly successful seasons to join the staff at Indiana.

Joseph was UNT’s safeties coach and will serve in the same capacity with the Hoosiers. He was also UNT’s recruiting coordinator.

Now that I have made it to Miami, I have had a chance to gather my material from interviews with both Joseph and McCarney. Here’s a little more on the situation.

Joseph is from Zanesville, Ohio, which is about four and a half hours away from Indiana. He’s a Midwest, Big Ten kind of guy.

“Coaching in the Big Ten was attractive and so is coaching at Indiana, which has an exciting team,” Joseph said. “They are on the verge of a turnaround like we had last season.”

And while he wouldn’t go into specifics, Joseph said money was also a factor.

McCarney was always high on Joseph, who he thinks will be a coordinator later in his career.

UNT is in a bit of a tough spot now that both of its secondary coaches have left the program. Cornebacks coach Ryan Walters left for Memphis.

But as always, McCarney had great perspective on the situation.

“It’s a good sign that people are trying to hire my coaches,” McCarney said.

UNT has now lost three members of its defensive staff since the end of last season. Defensive line coach Mike Nelson retired and was replaced by Kevin Patrick, who was last at South Florida.

McCarney said he will wait and announce his new corners and safeties coaches at the same time. There is a lot of interest in the jobs and McCarney wants to make sure his two new coaches work well together.

There is no way to sugar coat this one. Losing both Walters and Joseph is tough for UNT. Both are good coaches and were important when it came to recruiting. McCarney made a good point that every assistant coach and a whole lot of other people are involved in recruiting.

When I talked to recruits this past cycle Walters and Joseph were names I heard from key recruits over and over.

Those guys won’t be easy to replace.

One just has to have faith in McCarney, who has done a great job throughout his tenure at UNT.

This is just the way of the college football world. Successful programs at the mid-major level are raided by schools farther up the food chain with more to offer from money to prestige to playing in a better conference to a host of other factors. Did I mention money?

It sure beats the alternative. Having a staff with coaches that no one else wants.

UNT will just have to put its faith in McCarney to find a few more good young coaches.

It seems like a safe bet.

McCarney found Walters and Joseph. And there is little doubt he has a whole lot more to sell this time around.

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