Saturday running blog (updated with better bowl watch shot)

That didn’t work out like I hoped it would. I was trying to make sure I didn’t miss anything during the scrimmage portion of practice and didn’t get a chance to reconnect and post much in the way of updates.

The interesting tidbit from today’s workouts is that UNT’s veteran players picked up their bowl watches. I got a quick picture of Kenny Buyers’ watch and posted it on the top of the blog. It’s a Fossil watch with the Heart of Dallas Bowl logo in the middle. It’s pretty nice.

The star of the day was arguably Erick Evans. The redshirt freshman broke off a 17-yard touchdown run in the scrimmage portion of today’s workouts. I will have a Dan McCarney video up some time later today or early tomorrow. McCarney said Evans is definitely catching the coaches’ attention. After one of his runs today, the players on the sidelines were talking about how Evans is the real deal.

There have been spring stars who vanish, never to be seen or heard from again. Something tells me that Evans might end up working out.

As far as the quarterback battle goes, Dajon Williams seemed to have the best day overall. He made a terrific play on a high snap. Williams pulled a ball that looked like it was going to sail over his head down, scrambled and delivered a pass down the field to Carlos Harris that would have gone for a touchdown in a real game.

Then Williams turned right around and threw what should have been an interception.

He’s a classic feast-or-famine player.

There was a point later in the scrimmage when Williams was scrambling all over the place, was at least 10 yards behind the line of scrimmage and in one of those situations that calls for throwing the ball away. He threw it into coverage in the end zone, where it was intercepted. Mike Canales was livid.

Williams makes a ton of terrific plays due to his arm and athleticism. Those same traits also get him in trouble sometimes.

I talked to UNT signee T.J. Tauaalo at practice. He came up to try to get a jump start on learning UNT’s schemes.

Lairamie Lee intercepted a pass in the early part of practice before the scrimmage.

11:00 — Erick Evans continued to help himself during inside drills, breaking a run through the middle. Chad Polk made a good play, holding the edge and containing the ball carrier. Kevin Patrick praised him for that play. Jarrian Roberts also made a good play from his defensive end spot to cut down a ball carrier in the backfield. Dajon Williams broke a run on a zone read through the middle. Lairamie Lee intercepted a pass during one-on-one drills. Zach Orr and Brandon Byrd are out at practice today.

10:30 — UNT is running through some positional drills in advance of its scrimmage. Dajon Williams had a good series of throws to receivers running patterns with no defensive backs out there. UNT is going through inside drills. UNT’s offense is having a better go of it so far.

UNT is out on the fields at the Darrell R. Dickey Practice Facility this morning and we are here again, along for the ride.

There is a huge group of recruits on hand today, which is typical on Saturdays. This is the biggest group I can remember, though. There are some key targets on hand, including Guyer defensive end Carl Thompson and Highland Park offensive lineman Clayton Woods.

Today is the first scrimmage of spring workouts. It will be a short one of around 50 plays or so. What transpires could give us a better idea of how the quarterback race shapes up.

UNT just finished up with the circle drill. The high school players on hand loved it.

Coppell lineman Connor Williams is also here.