Thursday morning running blog

Update 7:16 — UNT is done. I am going back to bed. UNT’s players are headed to their 8 a.m. classes. Thanks for joining us on the old MGB.

Update 7:15 — Another good throw by Greer, who hit Carl Caldwell to set up a 40-yard field goal. UNT missed it.

Update 7:12 — Nice throw by Greer, who lofted the ball over a defensive back and hit Darius Terrell on the sideline. Daryl Mason just killed that drive with a sack. It’s been a tough day for UNT’s offensive line.

Update 7:11 — We are headed into the two-minute drill.

Update 7:10 — Jarrian Roberts sacked Andrew McNulty, who is working with the second team. McNulty and the second team go three-and-out.

Update 7:07 — Calvin Minor is seeing some time with the first-team defense and just picked up a sack. Josh Greer is up with the first team. UNT goes three-and-out. Carlos Harris did a good job of coming back toward Greer as he scrambled on third down.

Update 7:04 — UNT’s second-team offensive line is struggling a little bit. Just as I say that Jerrian Roberts comes up with a sack.

Update 7:02 — Nice play there from Chad Davis to tip a ball away from a receiver on the sideline.

Update 7:01 — Zac Whitfield just intercepted an Andrew McNulty pass and took it back for a touchdown. It looked like the ball was tipped.

Update 6:58 — Josh Greer just hit a deep ball down the sidelines where John Chelf grabbed it with a clear path to the end zone.

Update 6:55 — Here we go with a third-down ladder with the first team. Andrew McNulty is up first. Turner Smiley catches a deep ball down the middle. I am starting to think that Freddie Warner might start at safety this year. He is out there quite a bit.

Update 6:54 — Andrew McNulty is up with the second team. He threw a ball just a bit behind Turner Smiley down the middle. He dropped it. McNutly comes back to hit John Chelf down the middle.

Update 6:51 — We are back into a scrimmage situation with Josh Greer up. He hit Carlos Harris for 7 yards on first down. This is a series with set downs and distances. Zac Whitfield just dropped an interception. Great guy. Good player. Just really struggles to catch the ball. Greer comes back to throw a good ball to Harris again.

Update 6:50 — Connor Means tried to fit one into a tight window. AJ Smith broke it up.

Update 6:48 — Greer dropped a nice ball in to Erick Evans on the wheel route. Evans dropped it, but Greer couldn’t have placed it much better. He seems really accurate when he can just sit back there and chunk it.

Update 6:45 — Andrew McNulty is up and just hit Derrick Teegarden across the middle. Solid series there for McNulty with the second team.

Update 6:42 — We are into passing drills, wide receivers vs. defensive backs. Josh Greer is up first and zinged two good throws downfield. There is another good ball to Turner Smiley. That was a good series for Greer.

Update 6:39 — The sun is starting to come up from behind the stands. UNT is still working on special teams drills. Punt block is the big emphasis so far. Turner Smiley is getting a look returning punts.

Update 6:33 — UNT is now working on punt block drills. The Mean Green’s tackles and interior offensive linemen are working on the other end of the field.

Update 6:31 — Josh Greer is in with the second team. This is a limited contact set of first-down plays, by the way.

Update 6:30 — Erick Evans breaks one on a run to the outside. Lairamie Lee is out there with the first team defense and comes up to make a tackle.

Update 6:29 — And now for some scrimmage time. Andrew McNulty is up with the first team. Nice play by Zac Whitfield covering the wide receiver screen.

Update 6:27 — UNT is working on patters with its quarterbacks throwing to receivers with no defensive backs on the field.

Update 6:22 — There are always players teams can ill afford to lose. The starting quarterback is always No. 1. I wouldn’t put center Kaydon Kirby too far down the list. UNT has struggled with shotgun snaps when he isn’t in there. Just as I say that offensive line coach Mike Simmonds has some choice words about the snap.

Update 6:20 — UNT is working on inside drills. Lairamie Lee has been back out there on the field the last couple of days after being MIA for most of the spring.

Update 6:16 — One guy who we haven’t talked much about who seems to be moving up a bit on the depth chart this spring is Turner Smiley. He has played pretty well and made a few plays. He could be a guy who contributes this year. His dad played for McCarney at Iowa, which we covered back when he committed.

Update 6:11 — Believe it or not, I am not the only one in the stands this morning. Hebron offensive lineman and UNT recruiting target Stephen McHardy is on hand today, thanks to his mom, who is chilling (and I mean that in the temperature sense) along with me. Ms. McHardy gets the unofficial “Mom of the Day” award and a MGB shout-out for making the haul to Denton before dawn.

Update 6:04 — UNT’s special teams just blocked a punt. It will be interesting to see who emerges in some of those special teams roles in terms of coverage and going after kicks that Marcus Trice excelled in last season.

Update 6:03 — Darvin Kidsy and Carlos Harris are returning punts this morning. Those guys seem to be emerging as UNT’s top options back there. Tee Goree could figure in there when he arrives in the fall.

Update 6:00 — In a side note, I have been meaning to mention that Derek Thompson is heading to a regional combine to throw for NFL scouts in the next few days. I talked to DT this week. He is pretty excited about it. He should be. It’s pretty amazing to think about how far he came to get an opportunity like that.

Update 5:58 — UNT typically works quite a bit on special teams in this workout. It makes sense. This is a time when UNT has time for it. UNT is going through punting drills.

Update 5:57 — Dan McCarney and his coaches are trying to wake his players up. Mac is always full of energy. Even now.

It’s 5:48 a.m. and UNT’s players are rolling out on to the field at Apogee Stadium for practice.

We are along for the ride. This is an open practice. If we didn’t show that would all but insure that there would be an alien landing in period six and we would miss it.

This is one of the final workouts before Saturday’s spring game.

UNT usually works out before dawn in this last workout before the spring game. One of the side benefits is the fact that practicing early gives the players some extra recovery time before the spring finale.

There will be a lot on the line in that workout in terms of positional battles, including the quarterback duel between Andrew McNulty and Josh Greer.

Dan McCarney acknowledged in his spring press conference that Dajon Williams has a sprained ankle and is doubtful. I would be shocked if we see him play.

I don’t expect anything terribly interesting to happen this morning, but we should see some one-one-one passing drills. Check back for a few updates — if anyone is up, that is.

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