Tuesday live practice blog

And that is it for today.

Update 5:57 — UNT is working the four-minute drill, trying to run the clock out.

Update 5:55 — UNT is running to the sideline in the red zone. Worked in the bowl game with Brelan Chellor. Overall, not a big fan. Nice throw by Andrew McNulty to hit Darius Terrell for the touchdown.

Update 5:53 — Josh Greer just got taken out near his knees on the sideline. Not a smart play. I think it was Freddie Warner that got him. There was a pretty good tussle after the play.

Update 5:51 — We are now looking at the first-team offense at the 13-yard line heading in. Carlos Harris goes no where on the first place. Josh Greer is in.

Update 5:47 — Josh Greer converts on fourth-and-4 with throw on the sideline to Derrick Teegarden.

Update 5:44 — UNT is going to work on fourth-down situations. Antoinne Jimmerson just converted with a run around the end on fourth-and-4. Andrew McNulty then threw a perfectly placed ball to tight end Jarrod Lynn for a touchdown.

Update 5:41 — Andrew Tucker just made two terrific runs back-to-back. He put a move on a linebacker that left him grasping at air.

Update 5:37 — John Chelf just scored on a 63-yard pass from Andrew McNulty. I will be stunned if Chelf doesn’t end up on scholarship before next season.

Update 5:36 — Greer’s drive stalls out due to a nice play by Kenny Buyers.

Update 5:34 — Nice throw there on third down by Josh Greer who hit Antoinne Jimmerson on the sideline. He came back and overshot a receiver over the middle.

Update 5:32 — Connor Means threw a Pick-6 while working with the third team. AJ Smith took in in.

Update 5:27 — Well, the third team held up and gets a stop. The idea here is to get a first down coming off the 5-yard line going out. Erick Evans fumbles with the first team on a good hit. UNT’s first-team defense made a big play right there.

Update 5:25 — And there goes Mark Lewis on another long run. This is the concern for UNT defensively right here. Can that front seven hold up?

Update 5:24 — We are into a full scrimmage now. Antoinne Jimmerson just broke off a long run.

Update 5:21 — Connor Means is working with the third team now that Dajon Williams is out. You can see the young QB has potential.

Update 5:18 — Greer has now hit on four straight. His final ball is picked on the sideline.

Update 5:17 — Josh Greer starts 2-for-2 with the second team and threw a bullet in there to the tight end. A sideline throw to Turner Smiley makes Greer 3-for-3.

Update 5:14 — Austin Orr posts a sack to round out McNulty’s series.

Update 5:13 — UNT is now into a scrimmage with pre-set downs and distances. Andrew McNulty is up first and has hit on two straight passes, including a screen to Erick Evans and a 10-yarder to Darvin Kidsy. He missed on his third pass.

Update 5:11 — Josh Greer just pulled the ball down in red zone passing drills. No one was open. He didn’t force the ball in. That brings up an interesting point from Dan McCarney’s press conference today. He hit on the topic of ball security. He said that quarterbacks who don’t protect the ball won’t play. If your waiting for a gunslinger and UNT, you’re going to be waiting for a long time.

Update 5:03 — UNT is starting pass drills from the 15-yard line going in. It’s just receivers and defensive backs. Andrew McNulty is up first. On the opposite end of the field, UNT is working on pass rush drills. Alexander Lincoln came up with a nice rep there and got past Mason Y’Barbo.

Update 4:57 — There seems to be a bit of confusion over a couple of defensive players on UNT’s roster. Sid Moore is UNT’s redshirt freshman defensive tackle who has impressed the team’s coaches this spring. Sed Ellis is a young linebacker from Paris who could end up starting this year.

Update 4:54 — Dan McCarney mentioned during his press conference that more and better recruits have shown up this year to watch during spring practice. The number of players who have shown up is something we have mentioned before. We will have to watch to see if that translates into some high-quality players committing to UNT before the start of the season.

Update 4:50 — Andrew McNulty is in with the second team now. We will not be seeing Dajon Williams today, as I mentioned in the Dan McCarney presser notes. UNT has broken off into kicking drills. It really has been a tough series of events for Williams after a quick start last fall. He went from being a potential starter to playing in one series to suffering an injury that help him out of practice in the fall to spraining an ankle this spring after falling to the third team.

I’m kicking this off a bit late after taking care of some other tasks, but I am here at Apogee Stadium for one of our last editions of the live practice blog.

Josh Greer has been getting a lot of reps early in the scrimmage portion of today’s workout and is currently out there with the first team. UNT is going 1s vs. 1s.

Erick Evans just ripped off a great run up the middle,

We haven’t talked a lot about tight ends this spring. Tanner Smith is out there at the moment.

Will Wright and Aaron Bellazin are taking in today’s practice.

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