Thursday morning notes (Bendy story link, thoughts, et cetera)

Rodney Bendy

I posted last night that I would have a story in today’s paper on Rodney Bendy, a wide receiver from Tyler John Tyler who finalized his commitment to UNT on Tuesday.

Here’s the story.

A couple of sharp readers who picked up the paper this morning noticed that the headline said Tyler Lee instead of John Tyler. The camp was at Tyler Lee. I confused our headline writer when I mentioned where the camp was at the top of the story.

Sorry about that.

I posted some brief thoughts on Bendy last night.

He seems like everything UNT is looking for. He’s tall at 6-foot-4 and can run (4.5 40-yard dash). He’s been on the varsity team since his sophomore year.

What he hasn’t done is put up huge numbers. What will be interesting to see is if Bendy breaks out as a senior.

UNT is rolling the dice a bit, betting that all the physical talent will translate to big-time production.

And in other news, the national track meet started last night. Clinton Collins finished 15th in the semifinals of the 400 and earned All-American honors. He didn’t make the final. Chastity Stewart, the gutsy 400 hurdles runner who continued to compete for the last month with a sever foot injury, finished 24th.

It’s tempting to turn the pair’s season into a headline that they didn’t make the finasl. In reality both accomplished a heck of a lot. Collins is an All-American. That is a huge, huge accomplishment.

As far as Stewart goes, just getting to nationals with what might be a stress fracture or broken bone in her foot is pretty remarkable.

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