C-USA media days wrap-up thoughts and tidbits

After banging out a few stories for the tomorrow’s papers, I’m back with some follow-up thoughts from Conference USA media day.

I wrote a main story and a notebook for tomorrow’s DRC (buy the newspaper), so there isn’t much I didn’t get in, but here’s one tidbit I omitted.

Dan McCarney talked a little about opening against Texas and facing SMU early in the season …

“North Texas has never beaten Texas and is 4-28 against SMU [actually, it's 4-28-1, but who's counting?],” McCarney said. “Rivalry? Rivalry at 4-28? We had better establish one where we have a chance and they have a chance. Do the math, there is no rivalry.”

McCarney has a point.

The bottom line, though, is this — If you think McCarney is beloved and pretty much an employee of UNT for as long as he wants to be now, just wait and what happens if he beats SMU.

And I’m not saying that Mac hasn’t earned that kind of respect. He has.

I posted most of the key news tidbits, but to review …

– UNT still has no idea who its quarterback will be. Andrew McMulty and Josh Greer will split snaps with the first and second teams. Dajon Williams and Connor Means will split snaps with the second and third teams. And yes, UNT not having a quarterback at this point should scare the heck out of UNT fans.

– Reggie Pegram should be back to full speed and looks like he will compete with Antoinne Jimmerson for starting job.

– McCarney also really likes Rex Rollins.

– A guys have stepped into leadership roles, including some unexpected characters in Kenny Buyers and Carlos Harris.

It was also worth noting that UNT really downplayed being a favorite in the league.

Cyril Lemon talked about maintaining that underdog attitude.

That pretty much covers the UNT end of it, but the big league-wide news is that C-USA is going to full cost of attendance scholarships. That means more money for players. The league had to go that way to stay competitive. I talked to a lot of people about it and the autonomy issue for the five top leagues for my main story in tomorrow’s paper.

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