Cobbs joins staff at Ryan


This has been rumored for some time and now Ben Baby, one of our high school writers, has tracked it down.

Patrick Cobbs is joining the staff at Ryan High in Denton.

Ben talked to Cobbs, so be sure to check out what the UNT Hall of Famer had to say.

What’s also important to note here is the increasing number of former UNT players who are coaching in the area and beyond in Texas high schools these days.

Derek Thompson recently joined the staff at Denton High, where Kelvin Drake is also working. Nathan Tune was on Denton’s staff for a while, but has since left to go into private business.

And don’t forget, Cody Spencer, one of UNT’s great linebackers from the New Orleans Bowl run, is on the staff at Texarkana.

UNT is recruiting several players from Denton High, including a pretty key target in defensive end Dailon Holmes. UNT has also offered Judd Terry and Rowdy Clark. When I talked to those guys, they mentioned how Drake spoke highly of UNT and his time at the school.

That will only help UNT’s efforts to develop a pipeline to the Denton schools.

UNT’s recent success also helps.

There was a lot of grumbling over the years that area coaches didn’t exactly endorse UNT as a potential college destination.

Let’s just say that there was a nearly four-year long span when those coaches had a darn good reason not to push UNT.

That’s changed. Having a few more former players in the high school ranks in Denton will only help get the word out.

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