Monday morning notes — Second part of C-USA series, UNT omitted in expansion talk

The second part of our series on UNT’s first season in Conference USA ran this morning. Part I was all sunshine, roses, benefits of the move to a new league and a Heart of Dallas Bowl win.

Part II touches on what UNT wants to improve on after its first season in the league. Yeah, not as popular a topic, but one that needs to be addressed to give a fair picture of where UNT stands.

UNT had tough years in track and golf, but what really stung was a rough year in men’s and women’s basketball.

UNT improved by four wins and went 16-16 in men’s basketball and finished 12-18 in women’s basketball in its first season in the league.

UNT officials and both head coaches Tony Benford (men) and Mike Petersen (women) make a very good point in that C-USA was a huge step up — maybe the biggest step in any sport UNT plays from the Sun Belt. C-USA sent seven women’s teams to the postseason. The men’s league was good as well.

Both coaches talk about what they did during the off-season to improve. Benford started the transition to a smaller, quicker team. Petersen has five of his top six scorers back and should have a better team just because of the experience his players gained last year.

Any way, be sure to check it out.

And just because it will get people talking, I thought I would post this link to what JC Shurburtt of 247 Sports would like to see in conference realignment:

Be sure to check it out, but here’s a hint. He proposes adding teams to the Big 12 and bringing back the Southwest Conference by adding two teams.

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