Notes and tidbits from the Mean Green Club event

I swung by UNT’s Mean Green Club event at Apogee Stadium tonight to see what was said (and to be perfectly honest, grill everyone I could find for information like a cheap steak).

Here’s a rundown of what went down …

– The event is held every year to honor Mean Green Club reps. The reps raised $266,780 last year.

– 20 percent of UNT’s athletic scholarships are covered by the Mean Green Club.

– UNT honored a series of reps for their contributions, including: Alan White (District 1), David and Julie Anderson (District 2), Todd Samuels (District 3), David Fast (District 4), Jim Fincher (District 5), Luke Condor (District 6), and Eddy Matchette (District 7).

– Richard Steensen (first), Steve and Andrea Ciulla (second) and Ernest and Monica Martinez (third) were honored for the amount of money they raised.

– David Fast (first), Tom Klammer (second) and Steve and Andrea Ciula were honored for raising the most money among newcomers.

– David and Julie Anderson were named the reps of the year for raising the most money

– Steve and Andrea Cuila received the Mean Green Spirit Award

– There is always a host of UNT fans who are interested in how many people are actually in the Mean Green Club. The state secret was not completely unveiled, but it was mentioned that the school’s goal is to get to 1,500 members.

– The UNT men’s basketball team’s schedule is nearly done. UNT will play Iona and Creighton at home and will also travel to Arkansas, Texas Tech and Oklahoma State. Tony Benford said UNT might have the toughest schedule in Conference USA. He might be right. Iona isn’t a household name, but went 22-11 and 17-3 in the MAAC last season.

– One of the interesting aspects of UNT’s first season in Conference USA was that the school went the entire year without winning a championship. Rick Villarreal made a good point. UNT participated in every conference tournament. Not everyone makes the conference tournament in a few events like softball.

– UNT is graduating 80 percent of its athletes, which is a really good figure.

– UNT will have the same helmets as last year, but might have one special helmet for a particular game next season.

– UNT had the fourth highest team GPA in all of college football last season.

– Dan McCarney said UNT will have no eligibility issues

– There were more than 1,500 players who participated in UNT’s summer camps.

– There are 120 women signed up for UNT’s Helmets and Heels women’s clinic tomorrow.

– There are more starting jobs still open heading into fall camp than at any time in the McCarney era.

There are some good tidbits in that list, but it is also important to note that offensive lineman Cyril Lemon and Hanna Forst from the women’s volleyball team spoke and absolutely nailed it in terms of putting in context what receiving a scholarship can do for a person. Forst went to South Carolina, where it didn’t work out. She transferred to UNT and found a home. Lemon’s story is one we are going to get into as part of our yearly football magazine, but let’s just say he overcame a lot.

Rick Villarreal and Dan McCarney also spoke. Both are always good to listen to and thanked a room full of UNT’s most loyal supporters.

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