Thursday morning recruiting tidbits (Riddle names UNT as team in chase in video)

There were a couple of recruiting tidbits of note to come down the pipe since last night.

One of the key questions of this recruiting cycle for UNT is whether or not the Mean Green will take a quarterback. The answer will likely be affected by the way things go on a number of fronts.

Can Andrew McNulty or Josh Greer, who is just a sophomore, grab the starting job and run with it?

Does the light come on for Dajon Williams, who will be a redshirt freshman this fall?

And perhaps most importantly in this case, does the plan to grayshirt Caleb Chumley pan out? UNT should know by the time signing day rolls around in February. Chumley is a big athlete who will start out at quarterback, but it seems like he would be great fit as a tight end or defensive end. Does he show up on campus as planned? Where does he play?

And that brings us to Florida quarterback Chris Riddle. He’s been on the radar for a while. We talked to Riddle all the way back in April for our on-going UNT recruiting target series.

Riddle was in the news again this week when he talked to USA Today about the upcoming season in the video at the top of this blog that was passed along to me by someone in the Riddle camp. The first school Riddle named when asked about the colleges that are recruiting him is UNT.

Just looking at Riddle and where things stand, UNT seems like a good match in terms of talent level.

The question now for Riddle is if UNT or another school — whether it is one higher up the food chain or another C-USA type team — offers him a scholarship.

When it comes to UNT, that will depend a lot on the way the quarterback situation unfolds this fall, whether or not UNT decides to sign a quarterback and what its chances are to jump into the race and sign one of the better prospects from Texas this year.

And while we are on the topic of recruiting, here is the story I wrote for today’s paper on Dekaney tight end Kelvin Smith committing to UNT.

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