Tuesday afternoon notes (UNT budgetary figures, updated with complete explanation)

And the answer – Bob Brown, UNT’s vice president of finance, was nice enough to provide the answer to our UNT budget question. It’s a little complicated, but in the end it makes sense. UNT’s athletic budget was divided into a few items. There is the $18.2 million base budget, $5.2 million in the debt service budget, $4.5 million in the student financial aid/scholarship budget and about $1.1 million in anticipated receipts from non-ticket sales and revenues that will be budgeted as they money is received.

Altogether, the athletic budget is approximately $29 million.

The base budget is what went down slightly. The overall budget went up slightly.

The decrease will not impact UNT because of the increases in other areas, including ticket revenue, donations, et cetera.

Update – I had a chance to get a question or five in with the UNT athletic department to get a better perspective of where the numbers in UNT’s budget proposal came from and what they mean. UNT athletic department officials said that there will be a bit of belt tightening around the university this year, but when added revenue from C-USA, additional funds that come in through fundraising and increased ticket sales are taken into account UNT’s total athletic budget will be around $29 million, up slightly from last year. That is a huge difference between the budget proposal and where UNT officials said the budget will actually be.

Here is the link to the full proposal, where the figures came from: UNT budget proposal. The slide that shows the funding per department is at the end of the packet.

I should be able to find out where the difference came up in the next couple of days.

UNT is continuing to look at its financial situation in the wake of some difficulties over the last few months (and that might be putting it mildly). Our university writer Jenna Duncan picked up some budget figures for UNT at a meeting today that are of some interest when it comes to the athletics front.

UNT’s proposed athletics budget for 2015 is $18.2 million, down 18.7 percent from 2014, when UNT spent $22.4 million on athletics and just under what it spent in 2013.

I have put in a call to get a better understanding of where the difference comes from, but part of the change is rooted in the entry fee UNT is paying to Conference USA. We mentioned in our summer series that UNT is about to make the third of four payments to cover the $2 million entry fee this August. That fee will soon be paid off. UNT won’t have to add it in the budget in the future. Once it comes off the books that will no longer be included in the total.

UNT has continued to increase its spending on athletics over the last few years and was on the verge of adding a baseball program, a project that moved to the back burner to a certain extent while UNT sorts out what it needs to do to rectify its financial issues going forward.

The budget figures in today’s presentation indicate that UNT is set to remain close to where it has been the last few years financially after paying off its C-USA fees.

And in other news, the turmoil in Austin heading into UNT’s season-opener at Texas continues. Three more Texas players are down to their last strike and are in danger of being dismissed.

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