C-USA looking good so far, picks update

UNT will take on a huge challenge later today in Austin in its season-opener against Texas. I am down in Austin and will head over in a while.

Before I do, a few games have been played already in Conference USA.

So far, it going well.

UTSA beat Houston 27-7. That’s a huge win for the Roadrunners and an even bigger loss for the Cougars. Houston fans are not taking that one well.

Western Kentucky hammered Bowling Green 59-31.

Don’t sleep on UTSA.

The Roadrunners are loaded with seniors and absolutely have to take advantage of that fact this season before looking to reload next year. That will be a tough game for UNT late in the year.

And while we are at it, there is still time to send in a records pick for annual Get Your Rear on the Record contest.

Here’s the rundown:

GYROTR update
14-0 — Adam Martinez
11-3 — John Lowe (Eagle83), Darren Foyt (EagleD)
10-4 — Casual fan (P. S.immons)
10-3 — Travis Scott, Katy Mayer
9-5 — Derrick Murray, Andrew Hinojosa (UNT Satchmo)
9-4 — James Stinson, Grant Hawley (Pastor Grant), BobFam (Bob Famigletti), Brandon Daniels, John Douthitte, Richard Steenson, Brian Martin, Belon Eaglin (VEaglin)
8-4 — MeanGreenTexan (Jonathan Davidson), Scott Davis (Cook County Kid)
8-5 — Ryan Munthe, Michael Tull, Chris VanCleave (UNTrocket09), Thor, Matthew Taylor (RealMeanGreenMatt), Jeremy Roden (JRock), Aldo Avina (Devin Axtman), Lee Hughes(3XUNTGrad), H-Town Green (Drew Curtis), Joe Eckstein (NC Mean Green), Keith Mazy (OXofUNT), Joe Letsche, Greg Wagner, John Curry, Adman, Joel Villanueva
7-5 — Kevin Sardina
7-6 — Brett Vito, Kellen Jemeyson, Lee Moses, Bryan Graves (UNTGuy5), Greg Bognich, Travis Miller, Shoss
6-6 — Rick Ashwander (Scratch1976), Adam Rosenfield, Philip Watson (PhilipCPA74), Jim Hull (LongJim)
5-7 — Thomas Van Dinter (Eppie96)
4-8 — Andrew Morris

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