Couple of quick notes

I have been MIA on the blog here for a few days for the reason listed above. Our 120-page magazine, the latest installment of a franchise that has been named one of the top 10 special sections for small newspapers for six consecutive years by the Associated Press Sports Editors, comes out on Thursday. We are finishing it up today. After that I will resume blogging and sleeping. But not necessarily in that order.

There are a couple of tidbits I wanted to get to real quick, though. …

Derek Akunne, Kenny Buyers, Mason Y’Barbo and Cyril Lemon were named team captains. All of those guys are solid and lead in their own way.

And finally …

UNT knocked off Oregon State today in women’s soccer. It’s a huge win for the Mean Green, which is now 2-0 on the season. UNT is really good again, which is not a surprise.

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