Follow-up thoughts on Greer

North Texas head coach Dan McCarney introduced quarterback Josh Greer (third from left) as one of the newest members of the team during the Mean Green's signing day press conference in February. On Monday, McCarney named Greer his starting quarterback.

UNT released its depth chart for its season-opener at Texas yesterday and also announced that Josh Greer will start at quarterback. We will get to some thoughts on a few interesting moves (Cyril Lemon to tackle, Chad Polk as a starter at defensive end) later as far as the depth chart goes.

Before we do, the big news of yesterday was that Josh Greer will start at quarterback.

We have it covered in today’s paper.

As far as our thoughts go, the fact UNT picked Greer isn’t a huge shocker. We predicted that would be what would happen a few days ago. Greer was recruited by UNT offensive coordinator Mike Canales twice — once out of Arlington High and once out of Navarro. He’s a bigger pocket passer who can also run a bit.

Canales compared Greer, who signed with UAB, transferred to Navarro College and then landed at UNT, to Derek Thompson. And despite what the number-crunchers and people living in a fantasy world where UNT has a quarterback history to rival Texas or USC say, running Thompson out there last year worked out pretty well for UNT.

If Greer can go out there and throw for 222 yards and a touchdown a game in a conservative offense, that would be far from the worst outcome.

Greer seems capable of getting the job done.

What was perhaps even more interesting is how much changed the span of a couple of months.

The assumption late last season was that UNT would turn to Dajon Williams, who played in the Mean Green’s season-opener and appeared poised to start this fall. The first sign that UNT’s plans had changed came in the middle of December when Greer committed to UNT.

It was a bit of a head-scratcher at the time considering UNT had Williams and backup Andrew McNulty returning, not to mention a high school senior on the way in Connor Means.

The move makes a whole lot more sense now. Williams has continued to fade and UNT wanted an option other than McNulty.

Greer showed up and made what in the world of college football has to be considered a meteoric rise through the ranks to earn the starting job heading into his sophomore year.

Baring injury, it looks like Greer will be UNT’s guy for this year and a player the Mean Green will build with going forward.

And that means we may have seen the last of McNulty when it comes to the chase for the starting job. We wrote in the spring about how this year’s competition for the starting job could be McNulty’s last chance at UNT.

That chance has now come and gone for a junior entering his fourth year in the program. That’s the problem with being a quarterback. Teams play just one.

McNulty seems like a good guy and has taken far more criticism than he deserves over the years. As of now, it looks like he will end up having backed up one UNT Hall of Famer (this is your cue, stat crunchers) in Thompson and will now back up Greer.

We don’t know what Greer is yet. Is he a quicker version of Thompson? Is he something more? Something less?

We’ve barely gotten to know Greer. It seems like he just showed up yesterday.

We are about to find out a whole more, beginning on Saturday at Texas.

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