Follow-up thoughts on media day

Dan McCarney speaks at UNT's media day event on Monday at Apogee Stadium.

UNT had its annual shindig/media day over at Apogee Stadium today.

There wasn’t a whole lot of hard news to come out of it this time around. A few of the tidbits of note in terms of players coming (Matthew Dash), going (Darren Denucci) or never arriving in the first place (Fonzale Davis) were ones we had already covered.

Dan McCarney also plays it pretty close to the vest in the fall. One can follow every turn of an ankle at Texas these days. Someone’s leg would have to fall off to get a report at UNT.

And I don’t really find anything wrong with that.

The biggest news was probably that there is no news as far as UNT’s quarterback situation. Andrew McNulty and Josh Greer are still competing for the job. I posted a video of both talking about the competition earlier.

Both guys said all the right things.

UNT could make a call after the second scrimmage of fall practice on Saturday.

Let’s let history be our guide here.

UNT had a pretty clear-cut choice last year with Derek Thompson and still waited until the week of its season-opener to make a decision. There is no reason to think this year will be any different.

UNT has a ton of other decisions to make. Who starts at middle linebacker? Who starts at Marcus Trice’s old safety spot? Who’s the fifth offensive lineman?

McCarney said UNT has really decided on any of those fronts yet.

A lot of those decisions will be made this week, even if the quarterback spot is still up in the air.

Stay tuned.

In a side note, this website picked UNT as the sixth-best team in Conference USA and 23rd in its preseason mid-major power rankings behind Marshall, UTSA, Rice, Florida Atlantic and Western Kentucky.

And while we are at it, the Get Your Rear on the Record picks are starting to trickle in. A lot of familiar names are on board. Be sure to send your guesses to

So far the guesses have been really optimistic. UNT’s fans are hitting the Green Kool-Aid hard this year.

GYROTR update
11-3 — John Lowe (Eagle83), Darren Foyt (EagleD)
10-3 — Travis Scott, Katy Mayer
9-4 — James Stinson, Grant Hawley (Pastor Grant), BobFam (Bob Famigletti), Brandon Daniels, John Douthitte,
8-4 — MeanGreenTexan (Jonathan Davidson)
8-5 — Ryan Munthe, Michael Tull, Chris VanCleave (UNTrocket09), Thor, Matthew Taylor (RealMeanGreenMatt), Jeremy Roden (JRock), Aldo Avina (Devin Axtman), Lee Hughes(3XUNTGrad), H-Town Green (Drew Curtis)
7-6 — Brett Vito, Kellen Jemeyson, Lee Moses, Bryan Graves (UNTGuy5)
6-6 — Rick Ashwander (Scratch1976), Adam Rosenfield
5-7 — Thomas Van Dinter (Eppie96)
4-8 — Andrew Morris

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