Nice Trice highlight, Get Your Rear on the Record update

The final games of the NFL preseason are taking place and final cuts loom. I mention it because there are a few players from UNT still trying to make NFL rosters, including safety Marcus Trice. The Vine above is of a great hit he made while playing for the Bears.

Wide receiver Brelan Chancellor has already been cut by the Chargers, but Trice and linebacker Zach Orr are still hanging on. Orr is with the Ravens.

And while we are at it, we haven’t updated our picks contest in a few days. We were focused in on finishing our preview magazine. Here is the latest tally. Send your picks to

GYROTR update
11-3 — John Lowe (Eagle83), Darren Foyt (EagleD)
10-3 — Travis Scott, Katy Mayer
9-5 — Derrick Murray
9-4 — James Stinson, Grant Hawley (Pastor Grant), BobFam (Bob Famigletti), Brandon Daniels, John Douthitte, Richard Steenson
8-4 — MeanGreenTexan (Jonathan Davidson), Scott Davis (Cook County Kid)
8-5 — Ryan Munthe, Michael Tull, Chris VanCleave (UNTrocket09), Thor, Matthew Taylor (RealMeanGreenMatt), Jeremy Roden (JRock), Aldo Avina (Devin Axtman), Lee Hughes(3XUNTGrad), H-Town Green (Drew Curtis), Joe Eckstein (NC Mean Green), Keith Mazy (OXofUNT), Joe Letsche
7-5 — Kevin Sardina
7-6 — Brett Vito, Kellen Jemeyson, Lee Moses, Bryan Graves (UNTGuy5), Greg Bognich
6-6 — Rick Ashwander (Scratch1976), Adam Rosenfield, Philip Watson (PhilipCPA74), Jim Hull (LongJim)
5-7 — Thomas Van Dinter (Eppie96)
4-8 — Andrew Morris

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