The importance of Matthew Dash, records picks update


Two-a-days is a time when it’s a little easier to gain perspective on who might be important during the upcoming season, especially in terms of newcomers.

I bring up the point because I am quickly starting to wonder if Matthew Dash might be a more important addition than we thought when he showed up in the offseason.

There will be a story in tomorrow’s paper about Dash and his interesting journey to becoming a player on the Football Bowl Subdivision. Dash has come a long way to get to UNT.

Most people will remember Dash. He came to UNT from a Cali JC and signed late.

With Zed Evans done due to injury and Freddie Warner still trying to get healthy, Dash is all but assured of playing. He’s competing with Sheldon Wade for a starting job.

Just something to think about and a good reason to pick up the paper in the morning/check out the story on our website later.

And while we are at it, the entries in the annual picks contest continue to roll in. Remember, to Get Your Rear on the Record, e-mail me at

GYROTR update
11-3 — John Lowe (Eagle83), Darren Foyt (EagleD)
10-3 — Travis Scott, Katy Mayer
9-5 — Derrick Murray
9-4 — James Stinson, Grant Hawley (Pastor Grant), BobFam (Bob Famigletti), Brandon Daniels, John Douthitte, Richard Steenson
8-4 — MeanGreenTexan (Jonathan Davidson), Scott Davis (Cook County Kid)
8-5 — Ryan Munthe, Michael Tull, Chris VanCleave (UNTrocket09), Thor, Matthew Taylor (RealMeanGreenMatt), Jeremy Roden (JRock), Aldo Avina (Devin Axtman), Lee Hughes(3XUNTGrad), H-Town Green (Drew Curtis), Joe Eckstein (NC Mean Green), Keith Mazy (OXofUNT), Joe Letsche
7-6 — Brett Vito, Kellen Jemeyson, Lee Moses, Bryan Graves (UNTGuy5), Greg Bognich
6-6 — Rick Ashwander (Scratch1976), Adam Rosenfield
5-7 — Thomas Van Dinter (Eppie96)
4-8 — Andrew Morris

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