Thursday practice notes (Denucci has departed)

Dan McCarney was available after practice along with players today.

I swung by and talked to McCarney and Turner Smiley for a story that ran in today’s paper on the redshirt freshman wide receiver. I also grabbed a little video with McCarney that is at the top of this post.

Here are a couple of notes.

– Snow College lineman Darren Denucci is no longer with the program. McCarney said Denucci lasted one practice and then quit. The story of how Denucci ended up at UNT was an odd one that we covered on the blog a while back.

Denucci took quite the tour before landing at UNT.

I never used it, but after the story came out that Denucci had landed at UNT one of his former coaches called me and said he would never stick at UNT. He was sure he would be gone before the season started. I thought a little about that today after hearing the news.

UNT has had terrible luck with Snow players. UNT signed offensive lineman Justin Manu back in 2013 only to find out that his eligibility had run out.

– UNT will work out in full pads tomorrow for the first time.

– UNT’s scrimmage on Saturday will consist of up to 120 plays.

– McCarney really likes his young wide receivers Jalen Adams, Tee Goree and O’Kerron Rutherford. There is a chance at least one will see the field, depending on the way camp progresses.

– McCarney also is impressed with UNT’s young running backs. UNT is really deep at that spot. With Antoinne Jimmerson, Reggie Pegram and Rex Rollins all there, UNT might not need Willie Ivery or Jeffery Wilson to play this year.

– McCarney plays it close to the vest when it comes to injuries. He only talks about them if they end a player’s season. UNT has not lost anyone in camp thus far.

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