Turnover doesn’t seem to be taking a toll on UNT

One of the big questions heading into the offseason for UNT was what kind of impact a pretty significant amount of turnover with UNT’s defensive coaching staff would make.

The season is quickly approaching and the answer is pretty consistent when one talks to UNT’s players and coaches.

They don’t think UNT will miss a beat with LaMarcus Hicks and Perry Carter coaching the Mean Green’s secondary and Kevin Patrick coaching the team’s defensive line.

Head coach Dan McCarney talked a little about all three new coaches and how they are fitting in earlier in fall practice. He said he doesn’t think UNT suffer from the coaching perspective.

Several of UNT’s players have mentioned the team’s new assistant coaches while I have been working to gather material for our football magazine.

“Coach Patrick has been working us hard and we have a good system,” defensive end Daryl Mason said

Defensive lineman Alexander Lincoln mentioned that Patrick has helped him improve as a pass rusher since last season.

Cornerback Kenny Buyers said that while he misses UNT’s former secondary coaches Ryan Walters and Noah Joseph, who left for Memphis and Indiana, respectively, he likes what the Mean Green’s new secondary coaches have brought to the team.

“They are really good coaches,” Buyer said. “Losing coach Walters and coach Joseph wasn’t easy. I liked them a lot, but we have two new coaches who came in and picked up right where they left off.”

That is good news for UNT heading into the season.

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