UNT players report this morning, Sunday tidbits

Players go through drills during UNT's Friday Night Lights camp earlier this summer. UNT's player report Sunday for fall practice.

And so it begins.

UNT’s players are set to report today for the beginning of fall practice tomorrow.

A few years ago, in another era of college football — and UNT football — there was always the possibility of a few surprises in terms of who shows up. I don’t expect that to be the case this year. Football is a year-round endeavor now for teams and players.

UNT’s guys have been around most of the summer.

I will check in just to see, though.

Stay tuned.

As far as what will go during fall practice this year, I have a preview with some trinkets set to run in Monday’s paper.

Until then, some brief thoughts ¬†…

– I hate to keep going back this, but as a DFW talk show legend used to say, the game “is about the quarterback!” ¬†Which begins the question, Does UNT have one?

Officially, yes.

Practically? Well, we’ll see.

Andrew McNulty and Josh Greer get the first crack at winning the job after the departure of highly under appreciated future UNT Hall of Famer Derek Thompson. I would be surprised if one of those two guys doesn’t end up starting. Dajon Williams has a ton of talent, but has yet to put it together. Connor Means is also hanging around after a solid spring game, but is likely headed for a redshirt year.

– What happens with UNT’s defensive front seven? Derek Akunne is a good player at outside linebacker. Defensive tackle Alexander Lincoln and defensive end Daryl Mason have both played. And that is about all we know. There are some similarities to last season, but back then we knew that Zach Orr was a stud, Will Wright and Akunne were good players at linebacker, not to mention that defensive linemen Aaron Bellazin, Brandon McCoy, Ryan Boutwell and Richard Abbe had all played a lot of football. Abbe’s status was in question, but there was a feeling he would at least play at some point.

UNT has even more questions this year, not to mention a new defensive line coach in Kevin Patrick.

And while we are at it …

Brazosport offensive lineman Bryce Wilds, a pretty good prospect who we talked to as part of our on-going UNT recruiting target series, has committed to Houston late yesterday.

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