Wednesday afternoon notes (Football notes, et cetera)

There were a few news items and notes of interest that have come down in the last day or so. Let’s take a lap around the world of UNT athletics …

We had a story in today’s paper about some of the young players UNT is counting on this season defensively. The topic is one that has been hotly discussed since the end of last season.

The interesting tidbit in there is that Sheldon Wade is in position to start at safety at this point. UNT went out and signed Matthew Dash out of the JC ranks to help fill the void by the departure of Marcus Trice. Wade and Dash will both play.

We wrote about Dash’s journey to UNT a while back.

No matter who UNT rolls out back there, the Mean Green is going to have a tough time filling the void left by Trice.

And while this isn’t directly UNT related, the NCAA released a report today that only 20 schools in the Football Bowl Suvbdivision turned a profit on their athletic programs last year.

If you dig into the report, there are a ton of figures that illustrate the wide gap is in terms of the financial stature between the top few programs in college football and the rest of the schools out there. The average loss among schools in the major five conferences was $2.3 million, but was $17.6 million at all other FBS schools.

Finally, here’s a pretty good indication of why UNT went hard after Cedar Hill defensive lineman Xavier Washington. He will play as a freshman at Northwestern.

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