Wednesday night notes (helmet hint?)

A couple of notes and tidbits came down today of interest that I haven’t mentioned yet on the blog. First off …

UNT mentioned today that its football players did very well in the classroom again during summer school.

Yes, it matters. Dan McCarney often talks about how success in the classroom carries over the to the field.

There were a couple of recruits who mentioned to me this summer that the fact UNT had the highest GPA among teams in Conference USA was a big selling point for them.

And in other news, I might have picked up a bit of a hint on what UNT might wear this year in terms of its uniforms.

First a disclaimer — There is nothing that beats me down more than pageantry/band talk, which is why you don’t read about it here. Uniform talk runs a close second. What sets uniform talk apart is that uniforms actually matter to players, who care about what they wear. That in turn matters when it comes to landing players who can make a difference on Saturday.

UNT has a series of nifty uniforms/helmets last year.

The Associated Press releases a series of helmet logos that we use in the paper every year. Here is a copy of what moved as far as UNT helmet.

I checked. That helmet is what we are supposed to use this year in the paper. One would think UNT would use a similar design as well, at least part of the time.

And while we are at it, here is the latest Get Your Rear on the Record tally. Send your picks to

GYROTR update
11-3 — John Lowe (Eagle83), Darren Foyt (EagleD)
10-3 — Travis Scott, Katy Mayer, Cody Valle (cdizzle86)
10-4 — Joe Foerch
9-5 — Derrick Murray (UNT Flyer)
9-4 — James Stinson, Grant Hawley (Pastor Grant), BobFam (Bob Famigletti), Brandon Daniels, John Douthitte, Richard Steenson, Jason Howeth, Gonzalo Maturino (Gonzalo), Cooke County Kid (Scott Davis)
8-4 — MeanGreenTexan (Jonathan Davidson), Scott Davis (Cook County Kid)
8-5 — Ryan Munthe, Michael Tull, Chris VanCleave (UNTrocket09), Thor, Matthew Taylor (RealMeanGreenMatt), Jeremy Roden (JRock), Aldo Avina (Devin Axtman), Lee Hughes(3XUNTGrad), H-Town Green (Drew Curtis), Joe Eckstein (NC Mean Green), Keith Mazy (OXofUNT), Joe Letsche
7-6 — Brett Vito, Kellen Jemeyson, Lee Moses, Bryan Graves (UNTGuy5), Greg Bognich, Greendylan (Matthew Koch), Travis Miller
7-5 — Bruce Lathrop
6-6 — Rick Ashwander (Scratch1976), Adam Rosenfield
5-7 — Thomas Van Dinter (Eppie96)
4-8 — Andrew Morris

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