Late-night recruiting tidbit — Riddle puts off visit


One of the more interesting questions when it comes to UNT, both in terms of this season and going forward, is what the Mean Green will do in terms of their quarterback situation.

UNT struggled mightily at quarterback in its season-opening 38-7 loss to Texas.

The question of what UNT does this week against SMU is one we have addressed all week.

I came across a little information tonight that relates to the Mean Green’s future after talking to the father of one of UNT’s top quarterback prospects, but first let’s look at where UNT stands at the moment.

UNT’s starter in its season-opening loss to Texas was sophomore Josh Greer, while junior Andrew McNulty also saw time. Dajon Williams has shown flashes of potential and is still just a redshirt freshman, while Connor Means enrolled early in December.

And don’t forget UNT has a commitment from Caleb Chumley, who will enroll as a grayshirt in December. UNT promised Chumley that he would start out as a quarterback when he arrives on campus. He seems destined to move to tight end or another position, but as of now, he will start as a quarterback.

Which brings us to 2015 and UNT’s plans for the future. There is some question as to if UNT will take a quarterback in its next signing class.

One of the players UNT is looking at is Florida prospect Chris Riddle. He was set to take an unofficial visit to UNT for the Mean Green’s game against Louisiana Tech in Week 3. UNT,┬áMaryland, North Carolina, Notre Dame and Harvard are all showing interest.

Riddle’s father told me tonight that visit has been delayed until at least mid-season, when UNT will have a better idea if it will take a quarterback in its 2015 class.

There are a lot of twists and turns in the recruiting game. Unless one is completely behind the scenes, there is no way to know for sure what a team’s plans are.

UNT could be looking at quarterbacks other than Riddle it would take first. The coaches might want to see Riddle play a bit more of his senior season before making a decision on offering him.

There could be a number of other factors in play.

But just taking it at face value, there might be some question as to whether or not UNT takes a quarterback.

UNT really is painted into a bit of a corner here.

There are only so many scholarships a team can afford to spend on quarterbacks.

UNT has four scholarship quarterbacks on the roster this year — Greer, McNulty, Means and Williams — and none are on their way out the door. UNT parted ways with Brent Osborn before his eligibility ran out, but he had already graduated. UNT isn’t in that same spot with a player on its roster currently. McNulty is in his fourth year, but he is UNT’s top backup at this point. It’s hard to see the Mean Green parting ways with him after this season.

There are a lot of twists and turns to come.

As of now, it appears as if UNT will wait until at least midseason to decide whether or not to offer a quarterback in the Class of 2015. Once UNT makes that decision, Riddle will make the call in terms of paying his way to campus for an unofficial visit. An official visit that UNT would pay for would then follow late this year or early in 2015.

What happens in the next few weeks will play a big role in UNT’s decision when it comes to its future at quarterback.

Stay tuned.

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