UNT pro day tidbits, including some performances

Nearly a dozen pro football scouts attended the North Texas football team's pro day on Thursday at Apogee Stadium.

Nearly a dozen pro football scouts attended the North Texas football team’s pro day on Thursday at Apogee Stadium.

Nearly a dozen pro football scouts, including representatives from the Cowboys, Houston Texans, Chicago Bears, San Diego Chargers, Kansas City Chiefs, Philadelphia Eagles, Carolina Panthers and New York Jets came to UNT’s pro day this morning to get a look at the Mean Green’s top draft prospects.

It depends on the year in terms of what I am able to run down as far as unofficial results. Unfortunately, the scouts who came by this year went inside to a room set aside for them this year to exchange information on 40-yard dash times since it was cold out.

Here is what I came up with …

OL Cyril Lemon — 14 bench reps, 30 inch vertical leap, 8-4 broad jump

LB Derek Akunne — 19 bench reps, 35 1/2 vertical leap, 4.6 40-yard dash

OL Antonio Johsnon — five bench reps, 22 inch vertical leap, 8-2 broad jump

DB Sheldon Wade — 12 bench reps, 37 1/2 inch vertical leap, 10-6 broad jump

DB James Jones — three bench reps, 30 1/2 vertical leap, 9-6 broad jump

RB Reggie Peagram — 14 bench reps, 26 1/2 vertical leap, 8-2 broad jump

DE Daryl Mason — 11 bench reps, 27 1/2 vertical leap, 9-6 broad jump, 4.7 40-yard dash

The player who probably helped himself the most today was Akunne, who put up a good 40-yard dash time for a linebacker.

Only three outside linebackers ran in the 4.5s at the combine. All but two of the outside linebackers at the combine put up more than 19 bench reps, but three players finished with 20, so Akunne wasn’t way out of the range in comparison to the players in the combine.

UNT’s top prospect is probably offensive lineman Cyril Lemon. He looked good in position drills and moved well.

His broad and vertical jumps were in line with the players at the combine. I would love to know what his times were in the three-cone drill and shuttle runs that measure quickness in space. Lemon did have a tough go of it on the bench press, though, where he posted 14 reps.

A total of 10 guards competed in the bench at the combine and all of them posted at least 20 reps. Lemon said he has had better days on the bench.

Lemon is a terrific player and a great guy. You just hate it for him that he didn’t shine all the way around on pro day. He’s already a little on the short side and played at a school outside the Power 5 conferences. Nailing his pro day across the board would have really helped his cause. You just hope he did enough to work his way into the draft.

Johnson also probably hurt himself a little by posting only five bench reps. The lowest total among the 23 tackles at the combine was 16.

There is no doubt that UNT will have several players find there way into NFL camps. Craig Robertson, Patrick Cobbs and Zach Orr all made it in the NFL as free agents. Orr came to pro day to watch his former teammates.

UNT is hoping that not all of its players have to go that route this year. The Mean Green haven’t had a player drafted since linebacker Cody Spencer back in 2004. It would really help UNT to break that drought.

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